Ep 120: Tips and Tricks for Successful Social Media

In today’s episode we discuss social media and tips and tricks and how planning can make these efforts more effective.  To that end we talk about:

Why businesses need a Facebook page dedicated specifically to the business and what the About Us section can do for you.

The importance of being an expert, owning your brand, and cultivating that persona across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Why you need a different strategy across platforms and why knowing your business, what you do, and your target audience is critical for each.

The importance of graphics and pictures on social media platforms in engaging users.

Planning your posts several months in advance and the benefits of doing so.

The importance of creating a Google My Business page and regularly posting to it with graphics.

Why it is critical to respond to business reviews as they come in and encourage further commenting on various posts.

Why responding to a review can reach a further audience than just the person you are responding to.

Being authentic in your social media and blogging efforts to facilitate credibility and highlight your unique personality.


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