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National or Local Houston Web Design and Development Company

Finding a solid solution for a national or Houston web design agency can be challenging. Finding a web designer can be confusing because you never really know if you are selecting a resource that can create more than just a pretty design. You want your site to also drive results for your business.

At Vertical Web, we understand the importance of providing measurable results while adhering to Google’s best practices and guidelines. For it to rank well, it has to be built with Google’s specifications in mind and that is where picking the wrong company can cause many issues.

Fortunately, Vertical Web brings a unique skillset to building a website. Although we are a Houston-based web design company, we also have website design customers throughout the United States and Europe. 

When it comes to website design Houston, Vertical Web is focused not only on the “pretty” but also on how does that website drive results for your business. We understand that measurable results through SEO and conversion are predicated on a website built to adhere to Google’s best practices and guidelines. This is where most design-only firms fall short. For it to rank well, it has to be built well. Sure there are exceptions, but we understand that most of our clients are small to mid-sized companies that do not have the level of link support that Fortune 500 companies have. Incorporating best practices into the actual design and content as well becomes even more important.

See our portfolio section for a full list of our Web Design & SEO Clients

How We Help with Website Design Houston, and Beyond

Vertical Web has been building, refreshing and designing websites since 1997. And one thing we have learned is that it just needs to be done right. We understand that sounds like a given, after all who would do something wrong on purpose? But as websites have evolved though the years, the amount of knowledge needed to build a website properly has grown exponentially. It is not as easy as building a website in a site builder like Wix and going on about your way to having a digital marketing win. Vertical Web is well versed on building a website and more importantly rebuilding an existing website so there is nothing but a huge digital marketing win. 

Brand New Website Design

Vertical Web is well versed in how to design a brand new website from the ground up. From the initial concept and idea to a well designed website that is ready to start generating leads. Additionally we are able to create all the content necessary to build out the site to meet Google’s best practices as well as provide content that is engaging and highlights your company’s position as a thought leader.

Website Refresh and Rebuilds

Rebuilding a website is one of the most difficult things a Houston web designer can do, and the thing we commonly see people come to us with. We fix what others break. The reason this is as complicated as it is starts with having a page ranked in Google. When you disturb a website that is ranking well, there are many little details that can cause a website to tank and if those are not accounted for, the website will start to sink. Sometimes it happens slowly and it is hard to tell, other times it's a sharp and sudden drop. Vertical Web has ‘flipped’ many websites. Each site has seen a sizable growth and better conversion.

Website Conversion

Anyone who has ever attended our seminars knows that we do not advise using Wix, Weeble, Web, SquareSpace or Shopify. The reason is simple. Those platforms do not give you the ability to have a high ranking website without someone very skilled driving the platform. Usually that costs more to address than a simple conversion into WordPress. We can have websites stood up in WordPress in very short order depending on the size of the site. From there its up to you how fast or how far you want to go on the road to website success.

How Can VWeb Help


Our Web Design Services

Innovative and Customized Web Design 

Each website we design is customized to the business it will represent. We spend time learning about our new client’s business as well as learning their goals. And, if they had a website previously we learn any shortcomings they felt their site had. As web designers Houston or working with clients in other states, we spend the time to find and then provide innovative ways the website can help grow the business.

Houston Web Design and More

Each business has pride in their company, and their brand and its website is a direct reflection of how you do business. At Vertical Web our Houston Web Design team believe your website should be a perfect reflection of your business. Our web designers and brand specialists work with our business owners and marketing departments to support their brand with innovative thinking backed up with the power of a full web development department to bring those ideas to fruition. Most of all we believe in treating our client's website with the same care as we do our own.

Search Engine Optimization- SEO

The goal of any website is to build an innovative website that represents your business but still adheres to Google guidelines. What this means to your business is our Houston Web Designers and Developers work with our Houston SEO experts to develop a website that will rank well in Google, yet still meet guidelines that cause a site to rank well. We have cross trained each of our team members to be well versed in SEO so that the fundamental technical SEO principles that are needed when building a website are present on every page and throughout the website structure. Built right so it does not have to be redone, especially if your goals change.

WordPress Experts

WordPress is a powerful tool for website building and when configured properly far exceeds any of the website building platforms. We have a carefully curated build for WordPress that provides our clients all the tools they will need to maintain a website we build. Our in-house Houston web developers know how to work with WordPress. They are able to keep each site running smoothly, create custom applications and assist with troubleshooting. As web designers, we created the teams of people we needed and share those teams with our clients making a more complete web design solution. We actively monitor, backup and adjust each site for optimal performance and security.

Business Web Hosting

As any web designer knows, finding a good and support oriented web hosting company is difficult. As any business owners knows having web services with multiple companies can make for a nightmare when problems arise. Vertical Web's web hosting solutions were born from our root as a web design company who could not find the proper support. Our servers are configured with the web designer in mind. We offer blazing speed and a configuration and are customized to meet the Google Core Vitals standards. Our web hosting clients can independently manage their web presence but also have the peace of mind to know that there is always qualified technical support just a click or call away 24/7. And best of all, the help will actually know how to fix the issue.

Content Creation

Strong content is the secret for any website to be successful. Vertical Web has a team of Houston-based in-house writers to help write and develop content for our websites. Our team works with the business owners or marketing departments to provide rich content that address topics in a fresh way that allows each of our clients to shine as the experts in their field. We understand how to repurpose and extend that content to over mediums creating an integrated strategy that helps each of our businesses shine. Our professional writers are published authors and subject matter experts as well as being trained to write in a manner that is not only engaging to the end user but meets Google guidelines. Our holistic approach allows the website to speak with the right voice to potential clients and customers.

Web Development

There is a distinct difference between a web design team and a web development team. Web developers make the web work. They develop code that brings a website owner's vision or functionality to reality. Web designers and Houston web developers are not one. Web development teams often work under the hood of a website, developing code and database structure. Often web development is outsourced by web design agencies. This can make the experience very frustrating. This is why Vertical Web has its own inhouse development team that is on point with our culture and is cross trained in basic SEO principles to make sure each we project we take on works as the user intended, but also works in a way that Google understands them.

E-Commerce Web Design

Developing an e-commerce website requires a few special skill sets that transcends a typical website designer. Ecommerce web development is something Vertical Web specializes in. We of course have smaller sites, but we have multiple high traffic high dollar volume sites for mid-sized corporations that we have integrated into third party applications as well as built to succeed without the Google framework. We also convert websites from platforms like Shopify so that our website owners can have better SEO success that those platforms cannot deliver in a cost effective and most of all secure way.

UX/UI Design

The impact of understanding UX/UI and integrating them into the web design and website development process is critical. How does an end user choose to interact with our website? Are we meeting the needs of our users? Are the web design services providing the proper support for the end users and supporting the businesses properly? These are all questions that Vertical Web works with clients to answer. Troubleshooting UX and UI issues are also critical and a skillset that most web designers have not normally encountered. Based in Houston Texas, Vertical Web excels in providing comprehensive web solutions for our clients.

Responsive Website Design

More than half of all transactions on the internet are now taking place on a mobile device. This make responsive web design more important than ever before. High conversion should be the goal of every website owner. Our Houston web design and development team works to ensure your website will work across multiple platforms. In addition they will create a scalable solution which will work for devices in the future as well. Our mobile website versions are fast to meet core vital standards but also engaging to meet the demands of website visitors.

Elements of Great Web Design

Appealing Design

The first 8 seconds of any web visit is the most important part of the visitors journey. This is why the wow factor has to be accounted for on each page of your website. The pages must be visually pleasing and encourage the user to do business with your company. Great visuals make for a great experience for the visitor and help form a positive opinion of your company, simply by having a solid web design.

Structurally Sound

Each website needs a solid schema to develop a comprehensive well thought out website. This hierarchical approach to website design is important and is often overlooked or underwhelmingly done. A well outlined site means your clients will find precisely what they are looking for and Google will understand what your website is about. This is fundamentally necessary for success. It is simply not enough to have a 5 page website any longer and compete in the modern digital age.

Mobile Friendly Design

If you can believe it, there are still some websites that are not designed to be mobile friendly or use a responsive web design. Because more than 50% of visitors are not on a mobile device this aspect cannot be ignored. Responsive websites should be included by each Houston web designer. Each web site design Vertical Web completes uses a responsive theme so your site always looks its best on mobile, and we also include accelerated mobile pages which will help you score better in Google.

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