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Not Every Houston SEO Company Is Created Equal

There are many that claim they “know” SEO. But the definition of “know” varies wildly and there are actually very few that “know” how to do little more than add a few tags and keywords. To be number one in today’s landscape transcends a basic knowledge.

Vertical Web was born out of helping clients repair damaged websites from people who knew SEO. We have been a leader in Houston SEO. Because of our affiliation with the University of Houston Small Business Center teaching SEO, we are client advocates, with a vast and deep level of experience working to help each of our clients reach their maximum potential.

Award Winning SEO Service

Vertical Web has been serving small business for over 20 years with award winning service. We have earned our 5-Star ratings, one client at a time.

Proven SEO Results

With an over 20 year, we have a long track record of providing success for our clients. We know each one of our clients has different needs and we tailor each of our marketing campaigns for individual success. No cookie cutters here. We measure results, we perfect conversion and we don’t guess at the ROI.

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How We Provide SEO Service?

Ever talk to an SEO company and walk away having no idea what they do. We understand that experience happens alot and we work to be fully transparent with our clients. Vertical Web blends the basic principles of SEO and marries them with high impact web design created for maximum conversion. Where other SEO companies may talk about traffic, we understand the evolution of how buying decisions are made and go that extra step and talk about ROI and conversion. We understand that traffic is only the start of the process and not the end goal. In a nutshell the search engine optimization process must incorporate your brand as well as add value for your brand in everyting it does. Buyers choose who they know and who they trust. Our methodology revolved around these three pillars.

Content Creation

Vertical Web believes each of their clients are experts in their field and we create highly effective content that will help support the brand but written in a manner that will stimulate clients as well as captivate other users around the internet to view you as the subject matter expert that you are. This content, such as blogs, graphics, podcasts and video helps define you both with your client and Google.

Link Building

Link building is really the corner stone of search engine optimizaiton. It is a method by which people endorse your website and by proxy your business as a thought leader in the space. By creating and promoting good content as well as your brand, links will naturally come and we work to encourage that behavior. Additionally normal things businesses do also help gather links. We work with our clients to develop and aggresive link strategy, yet stay within Google’s guidelines and best practices

Technical SEO

Link building is really the corner stone of search engine optimizaiton. It is a method by which people endorse your website and by proxy your business as a thought leader in the space. By creating and promoting good content as well as your brand, links will naturally come and we work to encourage that behavior. Additionally normal things businesses do also help gather links. We work with our clients to develop and aggresive link strategy, yet stay within Google’s guidelines and best practices

Innovative Expert SEO Services for Your Business

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Result Driven SEO Strategies That Focus Client Goals including ROI, Leads, Sales and Growth

Organic On-Page SEO

Any Houston SEO company will tell you that on-page SEO, sometimes called national SEO is the core focus of any solid SEO package. As search engine change to better meet end user needs, the role of a seasoned Houston SEO expert is needed to make sure your business website stays front and center for potential clients. While driving traffic, to a website through a solid on-page SEO strategy is important, doing so in a way that gives clients ROI through conversion.,

Local SEO

Since the advent of Google My Business (GMB) the need for local SEO experts has grown. When a map appears on a search term, 85% of all clicks are awarded to the folks that appear in the map pack This specialized method for search engine optimization has different benchmarks including the use of hyper-localized keywords and phrases, data uniformity and a strong local footprint in a community. In Houston, local SEO can be particularly challenging for a small business owner.

Technical SEO

It's all about the signals. And choosing a Houston SEO Company that understands the technical aspects of how search engines understand what your website is about is important. These items include everything from the structure of a page to the structure of the website to the speed of our web hosting company. Granted the web design phase has a lot to do with your technical SEO success, but an SEO team that understands the complex issues surrounding all these elements makes an error-free, high-performance website designed for success

Keyword Word Research

Simply put using the wrong keywords can have a huge negative impact on the success of any internet marketing campaign. Taking the time to learn and listen about our client's business than helping produce a solid keyword strategy designed to target and gain the right client is a primary focus for Vertical Web. Keyword research is an integral part of each user experience with your website as we ll as a driving force to your website's success

Link Building

Since the advent of Google, links are arguably one of the most powerful off-site signals your website can have. Those links need to be gained while complying with Google Guidelines. This means innovative strategies to support your brand being a name that can be trusted and linked to. We employ white hat techniques that will gain links for your website. Each strategy is custom-tailored to your business.

Content Writing

Just as On-page SEO is the core focus, content writing is the backbone of any solid Houston SEO service. Our in-house content team is comprised of Houston-based journalist who has been part of our SEO company in Houston for many years. They are season professionals who know how to create content specific to each of our clients. Because experience tells us that content is the cornerstone, our team is well versed in creating engaging content that is worthy of a top spot in Google, other search engines or social media.

E-Commerce SEO

Running a successful e-commerce property is something Vertical Web has great experience in. While others talk about increasing profit, our e-commerce SEO strategies are battle-tested and simply work. We work not only on the SEO aspects but also work on the conversion to improve our conversion rates for each client and maximize the profit the traffic brings.

Website Repair/Penalty Repair

From our roots, Vertical Web are the SEO experts in Houston that repair websites that have been destroyed by either a bad site relaunch often called a site flip, or a site that has been penalized by Google because of a misstep. If your site used to have traffic and now doesn't our Houston SEO team is pros at diagnosing and repairing broken websites.

WordPress Conversion/Theme Repair

Although this is more of a web development project, converting a website to WordPress from 'platform-type" sites is a unique SEO service Vertical Web provides. In addition, often bad or bloated themes make issues for a website and its ability to rank. Vertical Web is able to take those issues and often our clients experience a large uptick in traffic and sales after our Houston SEO repair team corrects these issues.

Why Vertical Web Is Your Houston SEO Expert


Finding a true SEO expert is very difficult. With over 20 years’ experience, our company has earned its reputation as a website repair expert. Often we see clients that have had traffic and it just disappeared. Some have rebuilt their website only to have the web designer not know enough about Google and implode the site. When you have an issue you need someone who can actually give you a solid answer of what needs to be done. Vertical Web is well known throughout Houston and the United States the SEO Company is a straight shooter and has answers. 

Although we are based in Houston, and service South East Texas, our ability to fix websites has seen us grow our footprint in several other states. In addition principal, Beth Guide is are often invited to speak throughout the Houston area to small business groups as well as being a participant in the Governor’s Council for Small Business, Houston Community College Center for Entrepreneurship and Score Houston.

Our Secret is Our Staff

Our staff has all been hand-picked and has been with our SEO company for nearly a decade. They each have been trained in how to apply the systemic Google principles to their design, writing and development work.  This also allows them to stay abreast of Google changes and how to best manage and implement solid solutions for each of our clients. 

Award Winning Client Care

Our commitment to our clients is second to none. We have built our whole business on a customer-centric model. We provide 24/7/365 support for our clients.

Dedicated Project Manager

Each of our clients has an assigned project manager that oversees the entire digital marketing team. Our staff is comprised of long term digital marketing experts.

Result Driven

We know that each digital marketing campaign ultimately comes down to ROI. We work not just on traffic but also on conversion.

No Long Term Contracts

Our philosophy is simple, clients will stay if we do a good job.  We don’t have long term contracts that force people to stay with us. Just another example of our commitment to our clients.

Full Service Digital Marketing and SEO Agency

We believe that a successful digital marketing campaign needs to be comprehensive. We have put all the necessary pieces together in one place. Hosting, Web Design, SEO, Social, PPC all in one place. All by one seamless in-house team, never outsourced for maximum quality control.

Data Specialists

e are trained in how to aggregate data to make sure your campaign is maximized for results. We are Google certified in Analytics but don’t just stop there and have several different levels of reporting to help increase ROI.


When we are teaching our Houston SEO classes, we are often asked several questions so we put them here to help

How can I tell if my SEO company knows what they are doing?

This can be tricky but if you are paying them and get very little results or a lot of nice reports or find yourself not knowing what is being done. Chances are you need to re-evaluate your relationship

My SEO company is out of state, do I need a local Houston SEO Agency?

This is a good question because although Vertical Web is based in Houston, we have clients all over the United States and Mexico.  SEO can be done from anywhere, However, there are rare cases that hyperlocal SEO should be done by someone near you. 

Can I Do SEO Myself?

The short answer is yes, but you can also pull your own tooth. The real question is should you do SEO yourself. And the answer is not really. The search optimization landscape is forever changing and unless you have the time to keep up with it, you will not do the job as completely as it needs to be done for success.

What should I use to build my website.

This is possibly the most asked question in every SEO class, especially in the HCC classes. Many of you choose to use a platform website builder like Wix or Squarespace. And although those platforms create a pretty website. More than likely that site will not rank on Google. We have a highly customized version of WordPress designed for search engine optimization. This comes with our Managed WordPress Hosting plan. But this is why we talk about one of our Houston SEO services being WordPress conversion.

True Stories From the Trenches

What is the craziest thing a customer has asked you to do?

For Local SEO we were asked to build a landing page for every zip code in the United States of America. Fortunately, our in-house web development team wrote the code. We simply spun up the pages as instructed. The customer insisted.

What Was Your Greatest Success?

For sure the cigar guy. We took a site that was doing minimal traffic and within 5 years the site and business was sold for multiple millions of dollars

What Is Your Greatest Failure?

This one was more on the customer but we had a #1 listing on Christmas Decorations. The customer decided to tweak his home page, despite our warning against it and then he didn’t tell us. Despite multiple attempts to fix the problem, the ranking was lost for good. The page was really old and didn’t meet the modern criteria on multiple levels. It happened 2 days before cyber Monday

What was the best seo solutions you ever implemented

We had a site that the previous SEO company had destroyed and it had a manual action from Google that even disavowing every link did not fix. So we spun up a new site and moved over two million good links to a brand new domain, restructured the site somewhat and the site is very happy and back to doing six figures a month.

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