Ever Shifting Sand vs. A Strong Foundation

Happy June everyone! We are less than 100 days until football season! It also  means we are approaching the half-way pole to the year and I’m always looking to see how I did on those resolutions and if they have helped. So as I was sitting thinking about this i saw a tweet go by that  had the gist of don’t build your content on social media, but use your blog.

This one simple tweet said something that really summed up what I’ve been stressing in my SEO Classes here in Houston since the first part of the year. I told the class that I had made a resolution to start posting on my blog more and actually having me be the blogger. My feeling is no one can blog about your business as good as you can. And to date, I’m full of ideas and have about 30 some topics sitting on a trello board incase I get writers block some day, doubtful as that might be.

Also, I saw a post from the #socialchat people that said most CEO’s think they are cool to have a twitter account but don’t know what to do with it. And although I do agree that I am pretty cool, I definitely see the value to my Twitter account and it has nothing to do with rants about world politics or the state of my beloved Texans/Yankees.  I think the problem is bigger that most don’t know how to use it to reach their customs and many haven’t even defined who their customers are.

Both of these tweets sum up how and why you should be blogging and tweeting. and how to do it. But being it may be a little obscure to the untrained eye let me try to add some perspective to this. First and foremost, I know who our clients are. They are people just like us, small to mid-sized business that needed someone to give them honest answers. In the early days, they would call me on the phone and I would help them with everything from how to build the site to how to incorporate their companies..  They still send in questions to my support desk that often more seeking my opinion. In fact this weekend I got an email asking me about Trademark Law, so after I disclaimed the fact that I am not a lawyer and one should consulted, I offered my opinion as an answer. This is our ideal customer and its this group that my Blog is aimed at.

Now where else I see is this, “Hey Beth, I read a post and tweeted it” Or, I write my stuff on linkedin directly. The problem is a pretty basic one. If you share, tweet or post on a social media platform, how does this help your business. I love when I say this to a room of people and I see the lights come on.

So when I want to write my opinion on something, I sit down and use my blog for what it was intended for.  It’s place to showcase how our company thinks and how much we really do know. We’re like having a friend in the business and I never want to lose that feel about our company. But the most important thing is when I put it on my own website it stays mine. The other byproduct of this is that as the social landscape continues to shift, my content is safely on my site for me to push out though social any way I see fit. Follow this one simple rule and you will have a solid foundation to move in what ever way the digital wind blows next




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