Free SEO Audit and Website Evaluation for Small Business

Small Businesses are finding they need to pivot and are unsure where to start. As websites are now taking the forefront of how people are doing business in 2020, a comprehensive Digital Marketing and SEO strategy is essential. And, a website audit is the first order of business. A complete audit will tell you not only about you about how to improve SEO, but also give a comprehensive overview of the entire site. It should also focus on how it can best gain new clients and provide a substantial ROI increase.

There are many different types of SEO audits available, but most are not reviewed and compiled by a human that can find multiple issues an automated scanner cannot. Vertical Web has put together a meaningful audit that will have a human review your site and make recommendations to help improve. Vertical Web has a long history of working with small businesses and helping them be successful and we would like to help you.

Is Your Website Working for You?

This is a question business owner must ask themselves on a regular basis. Does your website produce results equivalent to a full-time salesperson? If the answer is no or you don’t know today is the day to find out. In the present economic circumstances, websites are taking a front and center role. Those who have invested and cultivated the organic parts of their digital marketing strategies, continue to get leads.

We have designed our free SEO audit to help business owners assess the wins and the definecies in their Digital Marketing Strategy and provide a blueprint of what needs to be addressed.



Full Website Audit

198 point list + Google Search Console + Google My Business Review

Normally $999

Now only $499 for sites under 250 pages

Vertical Web has a long history of helping business develop their marketing strategies as well as helping repair reputation and other critical aspects of digital marketing assets. 

We have developed a 202 point SEO audit that we manually review and provide a full report. Plus we provide one on one interaction time with our marketing experts to answer questions. We not only check all the items in the free audits. We also review them to come up with the proper correction, we will review Analytics, Google my Business from inside your account as well as google webmaster tools and provide any disavow for links as needed.

If you believe you have received a Google penalty or have experienced a recent drop in traffic we will review that as well. This is the most comprehensive review you will find on the internet at this low of a price point.

We understand because of Covid-19 funds are tight and why we are trying to do our part and help as many businesses as we can.

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What Does Your Website Audit Include?

On-Site SEO Factors:

These series of signals come directly from what you tell Google on your page they include. Our team of humans review the following items: 

  1. Title Tags
  2. Meta Descriptions
  3. Duplicated Content, Titles or Meta descriptions
  4. Alt Images
  5. Keywords and relational keywords
  6. Page Layout
  7. Anchor Text Implementation
  8. Overall Adherences to Google Quality Rater Guidelines
  9. Content Quality and Relevance
  10. Technical SEO factors – Speed, Architecture, Structure, and Design Elements

Off-Site Factors:

These are a series of signals that come from outside your website. We review your links for unusual patterns or deficiencies that we can pick up and make disavow recommendations. Our humans will review all aspects of your off-site factors. 

  1. External Links that are naturally acquired
  2. Community involvement that directly or indirectly link back to your website
  3. The quality or authority of your website based on Google’s standards
  4. How Trustworthy is your website

Social Media and Google My Business:

  1. Evaluate Your Social Media Properties
  2. Evaluate Web 2.0 Links
  3. Does your Name Address Phone Number appear properly and consistently the same though out the entire Internet?
  4. If your Google My Business page filled in properly?
  5. Do you have reviews?
  6. Are you posting your relevant copy on your social media and are you properly syndicating your blog pages?
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