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A successful website, requires a nimble but well constructed foundation to function properly.  A web development services should  provide – the code-level structure needed to ensure that your web site’s functions as intended, yet meeting web development best practices with as strong emphasis on security. While web design focuses on the front end of the website and meeting the brand objectives, web development focuses on the is the programming and technical side of a website’s creation. Although its not always top of mind, any business website you visit that has any type of application, shopping cart or data storage and retrieval, had to have a experienced web development company work on that website to make it function as intended, while making sure the website is data is securely stored, with code that uses best practices to avoid exploits. 

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    What Can A Houston Web Development Service Do?

    Web development is at the core of any successful online strategy. The reason this is the case is that when you look at a web designer vs. a web developer, a web developer creates the more important internal working of the website or application. If that is not done correctly multiple functions of the website will suffer.

    Often when we review a website not creative by a Houston SEO Services Company,  the website and its coding may be slower than preferred by Google’s Core Vitals benchmark. That is often because the web developer did not write tight fast code, with embedded functions. Although that is best practice the code is often more difficult to write in the manner. This often shows up with companies that are web development only. Or, WordPress web developers that are not used to being confronted with speed issues.  are not written efficiently. 

     If they’re trusted with the right expert, web development services can do the following for your business website:

    Web Applications

    Web development often involves the creation of custom web applications. These applications are enmeshed into the site and are essentially pieces of software. They also provide valuable functionality used to facilitate online transactions, maintain user profiles and do anything that the developer can code. If your site needs to do something other than deliver static content, a web developer will likely need to put together a web application to do it.


    E-commerce websites are a bigger undertaking compared to static sites. They involve extensive use of content management systems (CMSs), require multiple web applications to function and must be developed with security in mind. This additional complexity is handled by the web developer, who may need to develop custom code to make it all work. The result is a reliable online storefront that can boost your company’s sales.

    Management Apps

    Complex businesses look for the web portal to better manage their businesses. From a single point fo sale, to advanced applications that help you manager your back office and customers. Web Developers often build functionality to help manage the business not just manage the sales. This requires a team that can take a business owners vision, and business applications and combine them into a useable format and platform


    Automation is an important function a web developer needs to create. From subscriptions options that will automatically create an order that will automatically charge. Everything you touch has an automation function. An experienced web development firm can create that functionality for a website reducing overhead and removing tedious manual processes of data entry.

    Database Creation

    A database is the basic unit for all web applications and websites. Creating that data architecture that will run a business effectively and smoothly is a primary job for Houston web developers . Almost all they do involves creating, querying appending or deleting from a database. Know the way to best setup the database so it works efficiently over time, is the root of all database success.

    Code Maintenance

    Proper development of the code is just the start when it comes to web development Houston. Constant review of code and compliance to best practices keeps a website safe and secure. As exploits in PHP are found, it's the job of the web development to bring the code up to standards can clear any issues that may create an exploit or a code error, created by they upgrades. Maintenance is essential.

    What Do Houston Web Development Services Include?

    Web development concerns the structure and function of a site. As every business site is different, it’s not always clear exactly what web development services your site will require. That’s why web service providers offer as many development services as possible. During your site’s web development, your web team should be able to do the following:


    Back End Development

    Back-end development is focused on rendering the site from the server side. This involves database creation, setting up web applications and ensuring that the remote server your site is hosted on can properly deliver your site’s assets to the user. Back-end development requires knowledge of languages like PHP or Python and may require the use of javascript.

    Front End Development

    Not to be confused with a website design service, the front end is what users see. During front-end development, the visual elements that make up your page are coded so that they function creating the experiences you intended. This is what provides your site’s needed interactivity. Front-end development is handled with languages like HTML, CSS and Javascript, and it often requires some design skills, as well. This is often confused with a web designer but it is not the same

    Full-Stack Developer

    Full-stack development combines back-end and front-end development into a single task. In this instance, your web team will build out the client side and server side of your website, ensuring it functions cohesively and efficiently. To provide full-stack development, then, your web team will need people who are knowledgeable in both front-end and back-end development languages.

    Custom CMS Creation and Management

    What is a CMS?

    Before we explain why you need an CMS or Content Management system, let first examine talk about what a CMS is. 

    In short a CMS is a back end interface that allows an end user to add content pieces to a database. This allows for easy classification of pages, to nest them with their common themes or archival properties. 

    CMS platforms rose to prominence in the management of websites in the early days of the Blog revolution, with early platforms such as TypeKit and WordPress. However, in the modern age their use transcends blogs and have become the quintessential building block for all websites.  Every business owner, large or small needs to implement a CMS platform for their website in order to meet the modern day standards

    Why Every Business Needs a Custom CMS Built by Web Development Agency

    The answer is fairly straight forth, functionality. As the web because more useful in may different ways the roll of a custom CMS built by a web developer can be no longer avoided.  The word customized  is important in the sense that every business has different needs. Some may be the same, but in most cases what makes your  business unique is also why your business needs a custom CMS.  Lets look at the uses of  things a custom CMS can do for your business. 

    Custom Ecommerce

    A custom web development project often includes an e-commerce application being build into the CMS. The reasons for this is because although there are multiple shopping cart CMS platforms, often, they do not meet the needs of the business. Platforms like Shopify limit the end user to the functionality they have available, where as a web developer can write in the functionality specifically for your business.

    Custom Database

    Often businesses have a unique functions within their business. It can be as simple as whole sale pricing and the need to implement that. Or it may be a complex dynamic skew system that will help your business manager inventory and logistics. In either case, it requires a custom web development application be built to meet the challenges each unique business faces.

    Custom Back Office

    Often businesses sells a product or a service that is application based in nature. It may cull datasources or aggregate or it may keep clients compliant. In any event the web developer must be familiar with API integrations for the CMS they are building for you. A web designer may be able to make the front end look aesthetically pleasing but being able to talk to other systems or businesses that will provide usable desirable content for the end user should experience

    Why the Web Development Team Has a Role in SEO

    Web development companies play a critical roll in search engine optimization or SEO, although if you asked many of them they probably would not initially agree. However with the advent of a Google demanding more from the web design company, to build a website more in alignment with not only the clients branding and logo but meeting Google’s rigorous Core Vitals standards. 

    The web developer needs to set the web designer and the graphic design team up to succeed providing ways to optimize graphics when uploaded to a server. They need to make sure th echoed is lean, and that no matter how much traffic or visitors  the website receives, they must use their expertise to make sure the code provides a solution that remains efficient and fast for there to be success in SEO. 

    As digital marketing, including PPC need more automate tasks the modern day web development service needs to be a hybrid and function also as a website designer on a project as well. Hyper-focusing on just the SEO aspects of the output of the design the web development and web design agency both need to understand the roll of technical SEO and no co-opt elements like the H-Tags that send specific signals to Google. This is a common error and really needs to help find a more experiences web development and website design expert. These signals key to any projects success, independent of industries and budget.  

    Finding a Web Development Solutions beyond Houston Texas

    There are many different way to find a website development company with some attributes being more important than other. 

    1. Consider asking your digital marketing strategy company for a recommendation to see if they have a partner or have web designers or web development services in house. If they do and you trust your SEO company request a consultation
    2. Ask about the web development staff. Are they housed in the United States or are they in a foreign country? With Russia, Ukraine and India leading the foreign countries that web development is off-shored to, it may be worth the ask to see if the solutions are provided in the US. If they are not, how does that factor into your project? It also may affect the budget. 
    3. Understand that a Houston website design company or any web design firm should be able to offer a company versed in programming web application development. If they cannot you may need to seek a different firm. 
    4. The website’s design should support web development and functionality.
    5. Your website design firm should have experience in PHP development even if they are using a website builder like WordPress. 
    6. The expectations that your website design and development services should have the experience to support your advertising initiatives regardless if it emanates from social media marketing, graphic design or PPC projects.  

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