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1. Web Hosting

Just need a web host?

You’ve come to the right place for fast, reliable web hosting, featuring WordPress Web Hosting plans and cloud-based hosting that will fit any budget. Choosing the right web hosting is more important than ever and has a direct impact on the success of your website.

Want web design?

Solid web design is important because it sets your business apart; it sets the tone of your brand and conveys what a client can expect from your business. Solid web design is the backbone.  We offer WordPress web design and development solutions for your website with SEO and ROI in mind. 

Want smart marketing?

A solid digital marketing plan is a vital part of a successful business.  No longer does having just an SEO service plan meet the challenges. Effective organic SEO, a properly designed SEM Campaign and a coordinated Social Media presence that all work to support the brand, bring new customers and builds relationships.

We Make the Web Work

Smart Solutions for
Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Picking the right web hosting provider and domain name is a critical decision each business must make. Often small business owners take the cheapest option, not realizing how big a role a web host plays in reaching the goals of a website.

A web hosting company must provide each client with fast, dependable and scalable hosting solutions. Businesses should be able to depend on their hosting partner to help solve the complex problems, as well as provide top notch security. Whether the business needs a basic website, cloud hosting, WordPress web hosting or a dedicated server, we can scale to any situation.

Trusting us to host your website means having a partner you can depend on.

Since 2006, I’ve had the pleasure to do business Beth and her team. The staff were down-to-earth and patient. Their pricing was fair and affordable. Response time was prompt. With Vertical Web, I felt that I had a team behind me, and today, I know I do. I look forward to another 17 years with Vertical Web Hosting services.
Alberto Howe

Web Design and Development
that stands out in the crowd

A solid Web Design solution should create a website that stands out from the crowd, but it also needs to be the backbone of a solid SEO strategy.

Coordinated Web Design and Digital Marketing is a must for a successful web presence, but many web designers do no understand this, and many SEO companies do not care past Google. Whether it is simple WordPress web design or complex custom development, it takes an experienced web design firm to properly execute the project, meet deadlines and maintain brand integrity all while increasing visibility.

Choosing Vertical Web for our website was the smartest thing we could have done. The staff could not have been more helpful, they answered every question, and walked us through any issues we had. We were new to having a website, and we could not have made a better choice. They helped us grow our business and taught us the importance of SEO. The very best in customer service.
Susan Stickle

There’s a method to our Web Marketing:
Not all SEO Firms Are Equal

If you have ever talked to an SEO agency, there are many that claim they “know” search engine optimization (SEO). The truth is it’s the definition of “know” that varies wildly. The reality is very few SEO agencies  “know” how to do little more than add a few tags and keywords. To have a ranking website today transcends a basic knowledge of how to place a keyword.

Vertical Web was born as a Houston SEO company designed around helping clients repair damaged websites from people who knew SEO. We have been an industry leader among SEO experts in Houston. Our affiliation with the University of Houston Small Business Center and Houston Community College teaching SEO, also makes us small business advocates and mentors. Our deep level of experience comes from not only helping build traffic but helping our clients reach their maximum digital marketing potential. We know what search engines want and how to fit that into meeting our clients goals.

SEO Services

Our SEO services have a long track record of success because our fundamentals and methodology are correct. As SEO becomes more complex, it is more important than ever to balance local Houston SEO services versus a national SEO agency.  We do not  ‘game the system.’ Rather, we provide sustainable long-term SEO strategies designed to help our business owners meet their goals that provide measurable results beyond website traffic and a measurable ROI. 

Content Marketing

According to Google, 98% of all search is informational. Capitalizing on those searches make content marketing an integral part of every digital marketing strategy. It is the building block for every other aspect of your SEO and digital marketing strategy. Our team of US-based writers are well versed at balancing what the end user is looking for versus meeting Googles guidelines. We are experts in creating articles, white papers, blogging and podcasts for businesses.

Social Media

Whether it is Facebook or LinkedIn, understanding the right way to develop each social media platform and how best to utilize each, is an important part of any social media marketing strategy included in an overall digital marketing puzzle. We believe in original content that supports your business objectives and help businesses meet that goal. 

What Our Clients Say


Not Just a Houston SEO Company

We are proud to  be a Houston Web Design, Hosting and Digital Marketing Agency that serves our local businesses but also has a global footprint 

Vertical Web provides Web Hosting, Web Design and SEO services   to companies around the world. 

As one news anchor said “we were doing SEO before there was a ‘thing’ called SEO and Google still meant a large number and not a verb.” 

Although we have an international footprint of clients, we know Houston. We consult with businesses all throughout Houston,  from Mid-Town and Downtown to the Energy Corridor, through Cy-Fair and the Cypress Creek/1960 Area and of course Spring, The Woodlands and the Northeast side of Houston in Kingwood, Humble and Atascocita.

Each member of our talented staff has worked as part of the Vertical Web team and have learned from our resident SEO Experts.  They are experienced in all things SEO, including Local SEO,  web design and digital marketing and know how to adapt to each algorithm change as Google continues to ebb, flow and evolve. What that means to your business is stability in a changing ecosystem, as well as growth in your digital marketing objectives.


Why Web Hosting and Web Design Matter for SEO

Defining your Digital Marketing Goals Should Always be First 


Since our very first client, the phrase, “I have a website, now I want to do SEO,”  jumped out at us. And still to this day when we meet business owners in our Houston SEO workshops,  or we get a call about our the SEO services we can provide, we often find they arrive after they have chosen a web hosting company or paid to have a website designer to build a website.

We learned long ago that these items were not all mutually exclusive, if you goal was to have a website that appeared high on a search engine. When we started our journey, it was websites like Yahoo and Alta Visa, but now Google the most predominant search engine on the planet, with over 85% of all internet searches starting with Google or YouTube.

Sign Up a Web Host – Hire a web designer

For the last 20+ years, these services or verticals, web hosting, web design and SEO were viewed and sold as specialty items. So often, you would find a web designer who had a preferred web host. Or,  you purchased web hosting plan and asked the designer to use your existing account. But it was rare to find a service provider that did both, after all these were two different skills sets. Major corporations had it worse because often their IT guy set up the hosting and then made it very difficult for any marketing department to actually build a viable website.

Find an SEO Company

The next step inevitably is to find an SEO company and talk to them about improving your website. In the early days that was easy, a title tag here, some keyword stuffing there. Add a dash of meta keywords and you were off and running. You didn’t really need to depend on your web host or really your designer and keeping it all in one place was a convenient thing rather than an absolute must.  Today its an absolution must. Keep reading to find out why

Web Design and SEO

Bottom line, how a website is designed has a direct affect on SEO.  It wasn’t always that way but it is now and that is all that matters. Sometimes we are lucky enough to get the call before the website is built but more often, we meet someone after they have a running website and are wondering why they are not gaining any traction with it. 

Finding a web designer that knows SEO is somewhat difficult really. Many talk about title tags, and keywords and sound smart. But that is where the knowledge stops, unfortunately.  In addition, web designer tools also profess to be search engine friendly, but all they really mean is that you can add a title tag. Beyond bloated code,  technical seo elements are ignored. 

Web Hosting And SEO

Finally Google agrees with us that web hosting has a direct impact on how well your site ranking is. We have long understood this, but with the advent of Core Vitals the need for a service that provide SEO Web Hosting is now more important than ever. You cannot just go with who your design company recommends. And, in most cases industry leading web hosting companies, the names you know, fall wildly short on meeting the Core Vital Standards. Furthermore with them it is cost prohibitive. With us, we need those tools anyway and include. We need that architecture anyway so we build our servers to meet Google’s standards.  Every Vertical Web client benefits from us being SEO experts, regardless if you buy SEO services from us. 

We'll Teach You Everything We Know about Digital Marketing

Join us for Houston Internet Marketing Clinic, now virtual and available on-demand offered exclusively from the leading Houston SEO Company, Vertical Web.

Vertical Web is known throughout Houston for its SEO classes.  Since 2003, Beth Guide has been working with University of Houston, Lone Star College and Houston Community College, as well as the Houston West Chamber of Commerce and the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce providing educational opportunities for small business owners. 

We have expanded our Houston SEO classes and have added an online option. See our full calendar of SEO Classes and our full video archive of our past classes.

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