Why are SEO Services important for your business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process that helps a website dominate search engine positions. As a website gains qualified traffic this translates into higher visibility, leads, and eventually sales. Our SEO services work to help the business owner achieve that  prominent position on the first page. This organic listing  is often more qualified to do business with your company than its paid counterpart and is not dependent on ad budgets. Vertical Web builds solid SEO plans which help our clients succeed.

Qualified Traffic

Qualified traffic means the people coming to your site are looking for what your business offers and not just random traffic caused by random keywords. Organic search traffic is usually more likely to turn into a lead than its paid counterpart.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the life blood for any business, regardless if it's professional services or the sale of products. Solid SEO strategies provide businesses with the opportunity to drive revenue through the website.

Brand Awareness

As user sophistication continues to grow, brand awareness has become a major consideration in how clients choose to do business with you. Organic search results allow your business to be present when people are looking for what you sell.

National and Local SEO Services Leader 

 The search engine optimization (SEO)  landscape is dynamic. From our very first customer in 1997, which is still with us,  we have helped our clients dominate their competition and reach their goals. As the landscape continues to evolve,  Vertical Web provides solid, proven SEO services that help our clients adapt and grow, regardless of those changes. In recent years there has been a shift, which bifurcated SEO into  National SEO (classic SEO) and Local SEO, which is Google My Business and the Google Maps. 

Local SEO in Houston

Just as it’s name implies is for companies that work within a service area or have a business that requires you to come directly to your place of business.

Local SEO is perfect for Accountants, Doctors and Lawyers, as well as Electricians, HVAC, Plumbers and Auto Mechanics. Of course maybe one of the biggest benefactors of local search is the hospitality industry. These businesses historically rely on local foot traffic.

However, Houston, with its 667 square miles, presents a unique set of challenges for local businesses living in the Local Search ecosystem. Vertical Web understands the issues and offers our clients a full line of  Local SEO services that are designed to help clients not only rise to their challenges, but to succeed. We take the time to hear your goals and then tailor our local SEO services to achieve those goals.

National SEO Services

The term national SEO has been gaining in popolarity in recent years. However, it is a simple renaming of the classic SEO so that a delineation can be drawn between the actual organic listings and the Google Map/Google My Business execution of optimization tactics.

National SEO tactics are utilized for businesses that have a longer reach than just a local radius,  as well as e-commerce websites. Additionally, in a city as big as Houston and a state as big as Texas, often national SEO is needed depending on the search keyword.

An SEO company with experience knows when a national SEO campaign is applicable, as well as knowing how to blend Local and National so that your business has the broadest reach to connect with customers, as well as reaching the ones in your own backyard.

What Should Houston SEO Services Include?

We understand there is a lot of noise about what SEO services should include. At Vertical Web we believe a successful SEO campaign must have these fundamental tenets, exceptional content, outstanding technical execution, social engagement, and a deep understanding of analytical data to drive results/ROI. 

Content Creation & Marketing

Strong, well-written content is the backbone of every effective website and a fundamental building block for a well-developed SEO marketing plan. We believe you are an expert in your field and your website should be a platform for you to shine. Our management, team and staff of writers are published authors and based in Houston.

Technical SEO Expertise

Knowing how to address technical challenges is extremely important to any successful SEO service. Proper server configuration, understanding coding issues, as well as rudimentary on-site factors all affect how your website ranks. Vertical Web is unique in that we own our own hosting company and have for over 20 years. Our hosting company was built specifically to support our SEO company. Our SEO team works closely with our in-house programming team to ensure your site is fast, secure and not riddled with crippling technical problems which prevent it from dominating your competition.

Analytic Evaluation & Conversion Optimization

It is extremely common to hear an SEO company talk about how much traffic a site gets, but far too often they are unwilling to discuss the ROI. We understand that SEO Services are a large investment for our clients and increased sales are paramount for success. We evaluate visitors paths through our site and work to optimize everything, from how our client’s site addresses the visitor's query, all the way down to how they interact/contact our client.

Social Engagement and Interaction

As more and more information is available to users, the bar is raised to provide valuable, fresh, engaging ways to approach customers. Regardless of the medium, creating an ecosystem that fosters engagement with your brand positively is essential to any successful SEO campaign. Additionally, as Google is getting smarter, it is using those signals to find high quality sites to put on the first page of Google.

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