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Vertical Web is proud to offer Domain Name Registration services and management through our Partnership with Tucows. Unlike many other Registrars who offer partnerships (Reseller accounts), Vertical Web has the freedom to work with our clients and provide the same great service that our clients receive through our other offerings. We offer all extensions but still recommend a .com or .net for business whenever possible.  

Because of our 20 year relationship with Tucows, Vertical Web was selected to help with the domain issues for all of the Tucows domains. We perform 4 main functions in addition to purchasing a new domain. They are:

Domain Renewals:

Vertical Web works to get domains renewed for their own clients through their accounts  We also work to renew the domain for clients of Tucows that has a reseller that is out-of-business or unresponsive. If you are new to Vertical Web, renewal is as simple as Emailing us  or calling us @ 281-852-8253. M-F 9 am- 5 pm (Central Time) to set up billing and verify your authority to renew the domain. If you are already an Vertical Web Customer, please see your invoice or call our billing department.

Standard Domain* renewal costs are as follows:


Service Type Renewal Rates  Term
Domain Registration Only $29.00 Annual
Domain Registration w/DNS $34.00 Annual
Domain Registration with Annual Hosting Free Annual
Domain Registration for ACTWD Hosting Customers: $15 Annual
ACTWD Legacy Customers do have lower rates and will need to check their invoice  see invoice

*Standard domain renewals occur when the domain is renewed prior to its registration or within 15 days immediately after its expiration. 

Domain Redemptions:

Domain redemptions occur at the end of day 40 after a domain has expired. The domains stop being held by Tucows directly but are rather removed to the Registry level. At that time domains can cost significantly more to redeem, usually $199. To read more about domain redemptions please click here

Account Updates :

Account updates and Domain verification processes is also something ACTWD does for its customers as well as for the thousands of clients that are displaced by out-of-business or nonresponsive resellers.  There are many different ways to go about updating your information, changing your name servers, unlocking your domain or requesting an Auth or EPP code. Our account update FAQ covers those topics and you can click here for more information.

Domain issues are often complicated. Therefore many have to be reviewed by a supervisor. The domain department is open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm central time. If you need assistance you may email us @ techsupport@actwd.com.

Domain Name Verifications:

This is a relatively new situation that although dates back to 9/11/2001, it only now become mainstream for all domain registrars, not just Tucows. If your domain is suspended because of domain verification, it is because your domain contact information email is invalid. You will need to log in to the domain manager and update your email address. Once you do this you will receive an email that asks you to follow a link.

If you do not have your username and password to your account, please see the Account Update FAQ.


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