You Tawlking To Me? Knowing Your Social Media Audiences

Yeah yeah I’m from Jersey and you all know it! And no one says Joisey, so we need to debunk that while I’m thinking of it.

IMG_6547But seriously, do you know who your talking to on social media. I don’t mean like do you know the person, but more do you know the audience your trying to go after and what the right social media platform is for your post?

I think this is part of the confusion of what to do with Social Media. You all know I hate the gratuitous Dilbert hates his job, Facebook meme. If you hate your job get a new one is my theory.  But it lead to the pix at the right, what exactly are the right places to be posting and why.

So in class I asked this question ad as you can see in my basic drawing it sort of classifies things, to give a perspective.

The first thing you need to understand is who your client is and answer that question. What I mean is are you B2B, B2C maybe your both, like we are. And then how do I reach out to those folks.

I often wonder if people know who their customers are. Or who they want their customers to be. I think about that every day. I have a genuine part of my personality that wants to help people. But I want clients who understand how much extra you true get by using our web hosting services. Yes sometimes its intangible.  I love our customer that sends in and ask me why their Facebook scroll isn’t working right. It tells me that they value our opinion.  I love saying the sentence, we are a little odd, all of our hosting accounts are protected via our firewall. You don’t actually have to ask us for this. I truly know who my clients are and how best to help them. Everyone should put this level of thought into their client base.

So what that means is that I’ve had to sit down and really think about what I wanted to do with social media. Where were we going to be most effective. I think Twitter first and foremost because of the seer number of SEO professionals and web designers. It was a great place for us to interact with peers. I also think we have a great home on Google+ for similar reasons. So this is where I put a bulk of my effort. I also think we are effective on LinkedIn, so when I think about it, I’ll go post there as well.


I hesitate to even address Facebook in this post, but I hope I’ve painted a clear picture of how to decipher your audience. It’s an integral cog in having a successful Social Media strategy.


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