Make It Personal: SEO Now Demands It!

This past week I tackled a very uncomfortable topic in class. In this day and age of putting personal information and self-agrandizement on social media, it seems that people are still unable to tell people how great they are or why their service or product is the best.

Small business owners are a funny breed. They have the moxie to create the business. And, they have the moxie to do everything from being the CEO to the Janitor. There is no task to big or too small. But when it comes to running a website this seems to be overlooked. In a room of 30 people I had 3 willing to put themselves out there. But here is why you need to.

In this age of being holistic in our approach to getting a web site to rank, one thing you have to have is credibility. And the next question is how do you build creditably? Each of us are experts on our business but what do we do on our websites that demonstrates that. More often than not I have people that are going to explain to me how they just want a 5 page website. It’s not until I start asking them questions about their business that the start to understand that for the website to work right, they have to have more than 5 pages. And it’s not just a reason of ranking on Google. Customers do not have confidence in the product or service with a sparsely populated site.

Often searchers assess a business or product on the information they can find or the reviews about that product. If you don’t provide that information, more often than not they will move to the next site that does provide the information. I have found the more I have blogged the higher our sales are. Why, because I have an awesome staff that answers questions, but when you come to our website you understand we are a wealth of knowledge and that there are very few things we can’t do when it comes to building, running programming promoting or hosting a website. In a nutshell our personalized approach instills confidence in our customers and in turn Google.

Do you approach your business or site in that way. If not its probably time to start considering building a much more personal version of your website or your brand.

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