Making Multiple Uses Out of Your One Content Idea


So yesterday I got an email from our publicist that asked me to give her 3 tips for people that own a website.  As I sat down to write them for her, I realized we had a really good core idea that could be easily made into a killer blog post as well as the topic for my next SBDC Internet Marketing Class.

As I was completing the blog post named 7 things I commonly see wrong,  one of the folks I met at Pubcon the previous week called and wanted to know if I had given any more consideration to using their company. As I sat looking at my list, I realized I had my one core idea could also be converted into an info graphic. After all most people who deal with websites could use my 7 points in a graphic format to hand to their developers or to their design team.

This sequence got me thinking, I have a lot of SEO and Internet marketing facts in my head and really need to sit down and organize them all. But as I pursue each idea, I can reinforce all my efforts if I take each of my core ideas and use them in multiple ways.

◊ I have the blog post that I added to our website
◊ I have shared the blog post on Facebook
◊ I have shared the blog post on Twitter
◊ I am now making that blog post into an infographic
◊ I am making that blog post into a PowerPoint presentation for my bi-weekly internet marketing class
◊ I will record my presentation and make that into a video for YouTube
◊ I will take both my PowerPoint and my infographic and use it for Pinterest.
◊ And lastly I used my experience with that article to write this article.

The entire point is this: Ideas are sometimes hard to come by because of all the day to day noise. And when you get one, if you can sit down and figure out how you can use each idea in multiple ways, you have lightened your workload.

Of course I’m not talking about duplicate content here, nothing I listed out duplicates anything. But it allows you to go across the social spectrum without having to come up with a new wheel for each channel.

Additionally, after you have done all of this, you will have solved an other issue, links. This post and all the articles I post, I try to provide good solid help to my end user. And, I hope that each one of them will find my post so compelling that they remember to add a link to it so that the rest of the world can see.

Just remember, find the multiple uses in all you do!

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