Well I Did It… Facebook vs. Periscope


I have been teaching Houston SEO for over a decade and I always said I would not do one particular thing. Well today I relented and I officially think this might be okay. So what did I do?  I streamed my class live via Periscope.

I did it for a few reasons. But first let me tell you why I have been unwilling to stream previously. Students  actually make the class. Each class is easily tailor my discussion to each of my participant. If I remove them from the class or try to interact with them via a scroll, I think the class will not flow as well. The content may not be as useable and the lessons not as valuable. We after all learn from each other. As sure as I’m sitting here people will start telling me hey can’t you just stream this so I attend at my own pace.

Besides all of that, people are funny. Those of you that have actually attended a class, know that almost every class a protagonist arises. Whether its Rich and his gym shorts and masking tape or Greg who argues just to argue, we have a diverse group of personalities that make things very lively and entertaining. I hate to do anything that may dampen that.

So why change now. Honestly today’s subject matter, I keep having to explain todays’ topic to clients. I figure this way i can park them in front of a video and them get the basics and then come back to me with questions. But I sat back and watched this, it opens up a host of possibilities for us.

So why did I choose Periscope instead of FaceBook Live. When I first told the Minions, Stuart Minion thought I was a little crazy.  But after today, she said I did great and she loved the idea. I think she wants to be the moderator from here on out. Initially  I was leaning towards Facebook but here is why I chose Periscope.

Periscope let me keep my video on my camera roll. For business that is super important. What that means is that I now can control that content after the fact and use those videos in 2-3 minute segments. From a purely business standpoint this makes sense and it is something that Facebook does not offer me. I want a copy of my own video that we can make work else where. I am a big believer in repurposing content in a way that best benefits us and this one sure does that. Also I didn’t want to have to pay Facebook for the honor of listing my stuff first. Very annoying.

So Periscope it is folks.

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