Episode 115: Recreating Sales Leads – Email Marketing Can Help with SEO and Sales

In today’s Internet Marketing Clinic we talked about how to do Email marketing with the Vertical Web way of doing this. Since the pandemic Vertical Web has started working with email marketing to help our clients stay in touch but also we have realized that we can create a circumstance where we are reminding folks that we are out here and we are available. We have done the same with several clients and we have been able to re-establish relationships with previous customers and restarted a sales dialogue.

Because everything we do is really centered on sending google the right signals we incorporated our IMC and podcast and have used email to help us grow our class and our podcast. Both have been working very well. Additionally we have repurposed these blog posts into social media posts and that also has created foot traffic as well as a way for our clients to keep in touch with us via social media. So although this is somewhat off what we normally do, Email marketing is an important tool we have in our marketing arsenal and should be used. If you don’t know how to use email marketing or where to start, this class is for you.


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