Internet Marketing Clinic Episode 113: SEO Beginners Guide

Sometimes it is good to go back to basics. In today's episode, I take a look at what are the basic principles of SEO and why every business owner needs to have an SEO strategy for their business.

The topics I cover are:

What is SEO anyway? And, why does it matter?  There seems to be a lot of confusion on how this is executed and when is the time to 'start' SEO instead of understanding successful SEO is more of a foundational item for it to be successful long term.

We talk extensively about keywords and content and how that should be executed.
We talk about links and how they affect a website and how great content should always the best way to procure links.
We talk about Social Media and choosing the right platform as well as having a strategy that supports your content and your keywords.
We also covered WordPress and some of the plugins that will help you succeed. Including Yoast vs. RankMath, whereas I think RankMath is easier for a beginner to understand because it's more graphical and spells out what is needed.

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