Internet Marketing Clinic Episode 112: How To Choose the Right Web Building Platform

Episode 112 is something I speak about a lot which is what web building tools or platform is good to use.  As I teach these classes many point out their tools/platforms don’t have the ability to do what I’m suggesting. That is because they are platforms that have the most rudimentary SEO functionality built-in but little more and simply do not need the standards that are needed.  Additionally it is estimated that 94% of all sites built with tools like Squarespace, Wix Weebly, Web.com or even Shopify are not even indexed by Google let alone appearing in SERPS. Even WordPress.com has these issues.

This bugs me because, in my opinion, they are marketing to unsuspecting small business owners promising a pretty site but there is little consideration for the success of the website. Inherently the website and the story about a tree falling in the woods are similar. If no one comes to your pretty website how effective is it. Additionally and for example, I looked at a 1000+ page website on Friday built in Shopify and every page on the site was marked at no index. And, better yet the images, which are ranking, were coming off the CDN for Shopify.  These are the type of problems you can run into using tools like this without an experience level on par with someone like me. Telling Google not to index your site is not the right path and it was not done on purpose.

Although I don’t discuss them directly here Hubspot’s platform, touts being able to do SEO but in no way is that correct. It is in an inbound marketing tool and does that very well.  and most Hubspot Users use WordPress in conjunction with HubSpot, which can be a winner. But all these platforms and tools are not built with Google quality guidelines in mind, in my opinion, and you have to ask yourself if your listing to people like me talk why would you choose a vehicle that will not even get out of the starting gate.  You can look pretty and rank well but online tools like this are really not the right way to go.

So I do have very strong opinions about this topic and the questions I am being asked was by a group of folks that are very small business owners. Please feel free to leave any questions you may have below.  Oh and I am going to apologize because Harley decided to express his displeasure with the neighbor kids. Sorry for the barking, I tried to kill a lot of it but I didn’t want the sound to get inaudible.


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