There is a direct correlation between effectively branding a company and the ability to rank well in SEO. Each aspect of the marketing process is important on its own, but the one-two punch creates the kind of continuity of message that optimizes how customers find what they are looking for online.

Most people who are starting a company know that the first step they need to take is to create strong branding elements. This includes establishing an identity for the company in the form of a logo and other web design elements.

If someone is branding a new start up, they may want to create a logo that is fresh and futuristic to establish the company as being innovative. Or, they may want to create a logo that looks like the company has been around for many years to help lend a sense of credibility to it.

Once the company has a logo and design elements, designing a website is usually the next step. This is where the beginnings of SEO come into play. The way in which a website is designed and the metatags that accompany it in the browser can either optimize or hurt how the search engines view the site. In fact, who is providing the web hosting and even the domain name are two extremely important aspects to consider.

Some people go to popular web hosting sites that will host thousands of domain names under its umbrella. While the branding on the site can be unique, the hosting company owns the template, along with other sites that may or may not be legitimate companies. Consider it as though a company is like a store in a shopping mall. That one store may be a viable establishment, but next door to it there may be a pawn store or a smoke shop. Search engines take note of those hosting companies and other sites under their “mall” umbrella.

To keep the integrity of the branding that has been established, it is best to seek out a hosting company like ACTWD. While they host thousands of websites as well, each site is created individually in WordPress so the business owner can have complete control over the content on the site, and there are no hidden extra charges for this access.

Speaking of content, the elements that appear on the pages of the website will also impact the effectiveness of the SEO rankings. Digital marketing experts like ACTWD will work with their clients to create effective company identities, websites, and content that includes keywords that not only relate to what the company offers, but also what consumers are searching for on Google.

Once the company’s “voice” is established through the initial identity process, it is carried out through literally thousands of pages that are created for the website. So when a consumer types in keywords for a particular product or service, the company will rank first in organic search. When the consumer clicks through to the information, what they will find on the pages of the website should not only be what they were searching for, but also be relevant to the company itself.

Without a strong SEO strategy that brings viewers to the site through many different avenues, the most beautifully designed website is essentially ineffective. Likewise, once viewers come to the site, a strong identity working hand in hand with the content and call to action will turn viewers into customers.


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