HubSpot Can Solve All Your SEO Needs! Yeah Right………

OK ok Hubspot is great! If you know how to use it that is plus it’s a totally different kind of marketing platform, then most people are used to but let’s not dwell on HubSpot I really don’t want to talk just about them but other platforms that promise they will do all the SEO work for you no worries. We got you covered!

Well to this day I have not come across a tool for SEO that does not require a competent operator and I think there is the rub in the sales pitch we so often see when it comes to tools and platforms that promise to do the work for you. Are they bad you ask? Well no not really they are just troublesome when you do not understand the subtleties of SEO and you blindly trust a tool to guide you thru a field of landmines.

I like to compare these tools to a race car, while you may have the fastest and baddest car on the track if you do not have experience as a race car driver you’re only going to bounce it in to a wall and crash. That’s best case scenario hopefully you can walk away from the wreck. Well SEO tools are the same way if you have experience in internet marketing and search engine optimization then a tool that is geared towards making your life easier is a great asset. People just seem to forget these are tools and not answers to the search engine conundrum so many mid to small size businesses struggle with. How to best spend their marketing dollars and when someone touts that all you have to do is put in your data and the platform will do the rest I worry if it were that easy how does a site rank in the top 10 over millions of other sites competing for the term? Now for industries with little to no competition yeah its shooting fish in a barrel and that may well work but in competitive industries you are likely to put your money in the wrong place as well as possibly crashing your site in to a proverbial wall and doing damage that you will be paying someone else to fix later. I say this because I am the guy that you will be paying and I have seen some really bad wrecks and a few totals due to someone improperly driving a tool or reading a search engine article and going gung ho!

So what’s the answer to all this then? Well I think you have to decide what you can afford and what will work for you. The best scenario of course is the tools and an expert driver. But tools cost and a good internet marketer cost so for businesses with small marketing budgets it’s a conundrum as to which is more important and taking charge of your own internet destiny and going at it on your own with your brand spanking new platform or SEO tool is just too tempting for most people to pass up.

So just a word of caution if you do not know what your doing don’t do it and cost yourself even more money having to then fix the mistakes that were made. Spend the money and get a competent search engine optimization expert with a track record instead of that cool tool. Now be careful there as well and keep in mind that you get what you pay for and a cheap guy in India is going to wreck your site just as well as you can! If that is your choice I hate to say it but get the tool. Bad SEO’s can cause you some real problems in the long run just as a misdirected tool will.

Here are some good tools out there to get your feet wet and look at. These are not the answer to all your internet marketing dilemma’s but tools that someone with knowhow can put to use and help analyze as well as get a site to rank organically.

Moz – has a plethora of tools as well as it’s a good place for a beginner because they will help teach you the basic’s as well as at certain price points you can ask an expert to answer questions.

SEM Rush – is another one that is great for analyzing your competitors site as well as your own to see how you stack up.

Majestic SEO – great for link profile and research of your own site as well as competitors.

HubSpot – if you understand it is a good inbound marketing platform but it is not the end all answer to your internet marketing and search engine optimization woe’s. Not to take anything from the platform itself. With a competent internet marketing expert at the helm it’s not a bad place to operate from.

There are many more tools out there then these few I just mentioned. If you find a good one let me know I am always looking for ways to make my life a bit easier and more efficient.

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