Houston we have a washout and Some Upcoming Events.

11071718_10153350751296602_3844061386902759344_nA little cheesy but I always wanted to say that. As most of you know i live in the lost city of Houstontis, twin sister of Atlantis.   And as you know tomorrow is class day.  As you can see the city is flooded. Sort of surreal with the blue skys and overflowing Bayous.




Even though the Internet Marketing Clinic scheduled for tomorrow night @ the SBDC on Fannin has been canceled, we are still at go @ Houston West Chamber of Commerce. Our lunch class tomorrow will be a class on Keywords and how to better identify them as well as how to formulate content around them.

Also in June I’m thinking of giving a class on WordPress plug ins that should be used when working on your website for marketing.

We do a lot of wordpress hosting and at this point we are really the experts in how to make a wordpress site work for all aspects of Digital marketing including Social.

With that said, enough of you have asked me what you needed to do so I though it may make a good class topic.  I hate to do it in June..this years is flying by though and I don’t want to put it off until next January. Anyway just some thoughts in my head.

It’s a great opportunity to learn about wordpress, what plug ins are good to have and how us it to handle some of whats needed to survive in todays digital marketing world.

In other news Terry Bryant and the Houston West Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring a blood drive on Thursday @ Mr. Bryant’s office. We are encouraging all our local Houston Clients and Friends to come find us there after 10 am. We hope to see a bunch of you out there.




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