What is Reputation Management

What is Reputation Management?

Simply stated, it is the science of URL domination on the front page of a search engine.  We see to it that every listing about you that appears in a relevant search points to something good about your organization.

Why would we need it?

You need it because someone out there is always going to try to make themselves look good by making you look bad.  Plus, you already know that some people are impossible to satisfy, and these are the people that always are the first to write nasty little comments on the Internet.

You need a way of heading these people off at the pass before they can do more damage than their limited thinking skills should be allowed to accomplish.

What if criticism published against us contains a certain amount of truth?

What is truth?  By truth do we mean the facts of a matter?  Does the person criticizing you have ALL of the facts, or even more importantly, are they PRESENTING all of the facts in a rational way?  No.  Angry people twist the facts to make themselves look good, and to make you look bad.

In reputation management, we do not play that game.  We simply compile facts upon facts that clearly itemize the benefits you consistently deliver to reasonable clients whose continued business with you proves you are doing things write.
If you have made mistakes we are not going to put them on trial to determine their guilt or innocence.  We are here to talk as much as possible about the countless number of times you MADE NO MISTAKES and simply outnumber your alleged failures with an overwhelming army of success stories.

How does reputation management specifically work?

We purchase multiple URL’s that relate your company name or key service offerings.  In effect, this uses URL management to achieve brand positioning in your respective industry.  Whenever a key phrase that relates to you in any way gets typed into a search engine, the results on the front page that follow report the strength and integrity of your organization and push any negative comments further down in the search engine listings.

Do you only buy URL’s for us?  Can we not do that ourselves?

No, because you have to fill those URL’s with the right kind of content. That content must be SEO friendly and also clearly communicate to the human mind what they can expect as a result of doing business with you.

What kind of content do you write?

Everything from feature articles, business blogs, testimonials, and press releases can be included in our service offerings.  It depends on what your organization specifically needs.  Strategies are individualized and developed in partnership with each client  on a case by case basis.

Reputation management tools are implemented in accordance with the strategy.

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