Is your Digital Marketing ready for 2021

So Google is FINALLY seeing things my way. Every year since I’ve been doing the Internet Marketing Clinic, I’ve tried to prognosticate where I think we will be or what will happen in the up coming year. I am often pretty well correct.  But this year there is a some vindication for me I think. Google announced in December that it was going to make Core Vitals a boost if you past them. Finally Google understands how important your web hosting company is to your overall success. I have been preaching this situation since 2000, pretty much before Google was a thing.

Here is what most don’t understand. Your web host can do things that impede the speed and functionality of your website. As a practice we never did that because we understood how essential a powerful website was to the success of a business. Google will begin penalizing sites that do not load right, are slow to respond or have an inferior hosting product. 

The design of the website is also part of what they will begin to grade. Really, its bottom line is user experience and trying to improve how that works. I will content that end users may not have a great of an experience because this will cut some of the creativity. But good elements of web design should make it easier to follow. Also this is where solid technical SEO comes in as well. 

Lastly are you an expert? What have you done to show you are an expert. This will now be a major factor. There are ways to handle this and we start that discussion. 

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