Internet Marketing Clinic Episode 116: The Truth About Permalinks and SSL

Using the right permalink and how to build one is often lost in modern day web building. For those of us that have been around 20 years, we remember the days of building a site with actual directories and publishing with dreamweaver or Microsoft Front-page. Now with CMS system like WordPress, the old directory structure is mimicked inside the permalink functionality. What most folks don't understand this is the impact on seo that can be gained from properly structuring you're URLs.

In today's episode we take a look at how to do that and how to make that work right for SEO all while still using a CMS system. And why it's important and the signals it sends.

Also I decided to talk about SSL. I always get people calling the hosting company talking to me about how a website is secure or insecure. In most cases to them it means can the website be broken into or how secure their website is. As a web hosting provider as well as a digital marketing agency. We understand those are two really separate things. An SSL certificate does not make your website 'more' secure how average users mean it. The SSL certificate protects the data being transferred from the website to the end user. So while it is true that is less likely that a password or credit card number can be stolen over unencrypted channels, it does not mean a brute force hack is stopped. It does not mean a DDoS attack is stopped nor does it mean a malware/pfishing attack is not launched from or at your website. So I talk about what this is and why in my opinion Google was so insistent to get this done and how it benefits them.

What I will tell you is this thought. Everyone has been trained to look for the padlock. Browsers are popping up warning saying “danger Will Robinson” …well really they say that the website may not be safe. This of course discourages users. So while the warning is a little over the top, most users are not savvy enough to discern the danger or lack there of.


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