Episode 206: Fine Tuning for ’22

We finally got to kick off 2022 with our partner Houston Community College’s Center for Entrepreneurship. In tonight’s class I picked several points that will be the key items for ranking well in Google for 2022.

Web Hosting

There has been a dramatic focus put on Core Vitals. Because I have a long track record of working in SEO and understanding how vital quality web hosting is the process, it only seems fitting to me that Google finally caught up to me with ideas of how a server affects the overall performance of a website. How slow web hosting can negatively impact the client experience, which is one of Google’s prime focus.

Using Web.dev gives an extensive overview of how to improve your website for speed and if your website will pass the tests Google now requires.  Of course the class always asks who is a good web hosting company and I always say we are. We provide top of the line hosting, especially focused on WordPress. Plus we know how to troubleshoot and fix most WordPress problems as they arise.

This is now a focal point for success and winning a place at Google’s table. So find a good web host. If its not us, make sure you choose one that can handle the riggers of Google. One that has great support for your website. And make sure they understand or provide solutions that help with core vitals.

Web Design

The way in which you build your website is vitally important. From the platform you choose, to the way you put it together and assemble it, makes all the difference in the success level of the website. Going about getting a website build properly is vital to is success.

Other considerations should be what is the best platform to build a website. We have long said platforms that are website builders, via a cookie cutter, rarely will rank well in Google Can it be done, yes, but it takes a lot of skill most business owners and SEO beginners just don’t have.

Its always beset to setup so that your website succeed. A solid well ranked website brings brand awareness, which is a very important. A solid website that Google links and puts on the first page functions like a sales person for you. There is many benefits, but it takes planning on the frontside to get there on the back side.

The general rule of thumb is to avoid cookie cutter point and click online platform designers. Learn to use WordPress.org.

Web Marketing

Clear messaging spoken from a position of authority is vital to you website success. Your readers want to know you a are a trusted source. This is vital for success. Yes we know it is hard to find time but really, by not you’re missing an important of the equation of having a modern business.

The concept of being an expert is extremely important to this equation. We are all experts in the businesses we own, or we work in. Using this to drive your digital marketing is vital for long term success. Of course blogs are important but even more so now are also podcasts and videos to help your potential clients feel comfortable with doing business with your business

Local SEO and Google My Business

Local SEO is a now specialized for of SEO that is aimed at local brick and mortar or service area businesses ( electricians, plumbers). Often businesses don’t optimize their Google My Business presence and miss the unique opportunity it presents. Even worse some business owners don’t participate at all.

Every business, regardless of size or scope of your business has a local domicile and therefore should have a Google My Business presence. Often when doing SEO for Lawyers or SEO for Dentists, this is a prime focus. But many services mid-size business will benefit as well from having a localized presence even if they serve a national audience.

Overall these are the focal points for 2022 we should all be working towards mastering.

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