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Vertical Web builds turnkey web designs around enterprise solutions.

We provide everything needed by you to rise to a position of true market dominance.  We offer plenty of room, and even more options, to provide you with reliable, productive process flow.

Co-location makes it possible for the smallest companies to have everything a big company

You can rely on some of the best servers in the country to provide you with affordable web hosting, website development, Internet marketing, and website security.  We use proprietary content management software to develop your new website.

Vertical Web clients get their websites hosted on managed servers.

Once your website is up and running on your own managed server, we maintain its momentum with daily activity.  we provide hosting, tech. support, maintenance, and the daily posting of content on your behalf.

We protect these enterprise solutions with multiple security levels.

Several scanning programs are run daily that detect and destroy obtrusive agents such as Trojans, worms, and server crashers.  Firewalls protect company secrets and data integrity.  Intrusion prevention catches any attempt to gain unauthorized access to your site.

We use all kinds of tools and monitoring systems to get this done.  Some of these we obviously are not going to talk about on our home page.  Suffice to say we can detect and track down spammers and hackers when they try to break into the network.

Still another vital component to Vertical Web enterprise solutions is PCI compliance for E-Commerce clients.

A large number of the businesses we serve are product sales companies.  In fact, some of these businesses were among our very first clients 10 years ago and remain with us to this day.

These companies must have reliable e-commerce to make money, and they depend on us to make certain that all credit card information sent to their websites meets with full PCI criteria.

We handle all security protocols called for by card issuing companies and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.  we also conduct audits, scans, and annual assessments.

Enterprise solutions with 99.99 SLA are standard for Vertical Web clients.

We keep our servers constantly up and running so people can make money 24 hours a day.   As we stated earlier, many clients are product distributors that ship all over the country.  Some even ship worldwide.  Resultantly, they simply cannot afford downtime of any kind because the next transaction could happen when they least expect it.

For this reason, you can count on Vertical Web meaning what we say when we tell you that you get 99.99 SLA as part of the deal.  It simply has to be this way due to the nature of the businesses we work with, and for the sake of the integrity of the long-term contracts we establish with our clients.

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