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Facebook visibility is becoming quite the problem for small business and their ability to reach their community. And I get asked this question more and more in either class, or in our support box.

So this question came from my long time class attendee and client who is part of a reggae band here in Houston. They put a gig up on their Facebook page and virtually no one saw it. It’s a common problem since Facebook changed how it aggregated the scroll last year.

For these folks, as well as most of our small business clients that don’t yet truly understand how social media should be run, his scroll is typical. Posts are very few and far between. So what happens is there is zero level of engagement on the post.  So they won’t show that to the 2000 subscribers.

But these guys have it easy. They are a band. They play events and there is a musical event of the week these days. Jazzfest is ending in NOLA should have had a post. Prince passed away (sadly), should have posted about it. Beyonce had a new release, should of posted about it. It’s all about building the community. And I think that’s the issue I see and the mistake that most small business owners make.

A simple post that says tell us your thoughts or memory on Prince’s passing. Springsteen on a world tour got more Facebook time by doing a Purple Rain tribute.  So why not a viral video of these guys doing a Prince cover? These are all thoughts that folks should have when they think about their social engagement and how they are going to reach out and interact with the clients, customers, or in this case the fans.

The secret to this is to build engagement with followers. Give them things to click on. You may need to pay to boost the post and do it @ $5 if you have to, but the secret to success is interaction. If I give people a reason to interact with me, they will, and my audience reach will grow. You may not reach all 2900 followers, but it’s sure better than two.

If anyone has a follow up question, please post it below and I’ll be happy to answer it.



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