22 Tips for SEO Success

In today’s Internet, Marketing Clinic decided it was a good time to go back to basics and talk about some basic tips that are often overlooked, forgotten, or just poorly executed especially when SEO is a goal for your website.

Last week I was talking a web design client who asked me to ‘do’ SEO to his website. And that is something I commonly hear. SEO is something we do. What I answered him back was that SEO was a lifestyle, not something you do once or twice stick. Sure there are some things that if you do them right fundamentally will allow you to float along, but in no way does it mean you are living the SEO lifestyle. What I answered him was if you eat Quinoa, it does not mean you’re are eating and living healthy. It just means you eat Quinoa.
So what is SEO anyway?
I tried to clarify what it actually that with my thoughts on how SEO is a holistic behavior that is ongoing and long term. Its how you live as a website owner and not just a one time only behavior.
Being Relevant
We talked about how you are relevant to your users and why if you are relevant to your users you are also often relevant to Google.
Quality Content
This is the one that most people have issues with yet is the fundamental building block for your digital marketing campaign success. It's not just writing a page, but how do I take that page and make it relevant and useful. Does it represent us well. In even this post your reading now. This post is being written around the class. Learning how to hit all the high points with one effort is effective, time conserving, and allows multiple ways for the user to consume your content.  The most important still remains that the better the quality, the more likely a favorable SEO result.
User Experience Consideration
After all, each page we build is for the end-user. How can we make sure we are building an effective page that also ranks. Or how can we build a page that ranks well but is also easy to use for the customer? I know it should like those are the same things but they are actually not. Your site always needs to look like a million bucks, but you also must take Google factors into account and lay your pages out in a way that appeals to both.
Responsive Web Design
Although I cannot say this enough, I still find sites that are not mobile-friendly or use huge images with no consideration for how good or bad a page ranks.
Building Internal Linking
So I think this is the most underutilized ranking variable out there. The better your internal linking structure is in execution, the higher your site will rank. Its really simple but so often overlooked. I see the error constantly being made. Its is a great way to help offset the lack of external links. And you can overcome some of those hurdles by simply setting up a strong internal linking structure.
How are we building authority to our brand and to our website? This is an important situation and needs to be addressed by every website owner. I touch on this point, but it is a class all on to itself.
Title Tags and Descriptions.
Oh so overlooked and one of the leading reasons a page ranks or doesn’t Poor keyword placement in the title tags, Lack of a quality description. This all needs to be done and one right and often the title is left to only mimic the page title someone puts in word press…you know home, about these highly descriptive terms that everyone uses…note the sarcasm. Ignore quality title tags and descriptions at your own risk.
So let’s just say this, schema is a must.  There are plugins to help but its an absolute must to compete in today’s Search Wars.
Properly Tagged Images
So for the most part images should have tags. Am I guilty of ignoring this one, yes I am? When I am already number one on something, I don’t want to be stuffing more keywords into a page.  I have seen cases wherein removing the title tags, the page has drifted downward. In fact, I have a website right now that is down by 30% after a new mar…

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