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A Houston based web hosting company is a must for any business looking to make an impact in the Bayou City, and picking the right service can enhance a site’s SEO and marketing potential. Selecting a poorly managed service can negatively impact a site’s ranking potential. Beyond that, it just makes sense to really consider what service to go with, because they are the primary gatekeeper for the site’s stability and content. Think of it this way – these services are like a road leading up to the front of a home. If the road is easy to travel and open all the time, then visitors can easily park their car in front of the building and enter. If, however, the road is poorly maintained or is shut down regularly, people won’t be able to visit. Now imagine what it would be like if an unreliable and amateur service was shutting down the only way to a company’s site over and over. Eventually, not even Google would want to stop by.

What are the benefits of a trustworthy Houston web hosting service?

Local services provide an extra advantage that most business owners aren’t aware of. Google looks at where a site is hosted, and will favor it in that area, so if a company in the Bayou City chooses a service in their area, they will experience a boost in visibility in Google’s rankings. And, of course, a service that is close to a Houston business will be much easier to access and contact should issues arise.

Google isn’t going to send its users to a site that is unreliable or slow. By doing so, its reputation takes a hit as well. After all, if people are constantly getting broken links or substandard results through Google, what’s stopping them from using another search engine? So, by opting for a free service, a business may literally be putting themselves at risk. These services rarely make firm guarantees on uptime or speeds, and may even throttle speeds to clients that are attracting a lot of traffic.

If a site isn’t up around 99.9 percent of the time, they will eventually be flagged by Google as unreliable. A reputable Houston web hosting service has no trouble hitting this benchmark, but there’s nothing motivating a free or cheap service into hitting it. Clients get what they pay for, essentially.

But perhaps worst of all, without a service that the company can absolutely trust, it is giving away control of its site. What is keeping a cheap service from just taking down a site when it feels like it? What if someone invents a complaint against the company’s site, such as a bogus IP claim? Will that free or cut-rate service be willing to deal with that headache, or will it just dump the business as a client, taking the site out for a long time and ruining its status? Before going with a cheap service, think hard on that question, because it is entirely possible.

The Bayou City is a competitive market, and businesses can’t afford to take chances with their hosting service. Fortunately, there are plenty of reputable services out there, willing to work with clients of any industry or size.

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