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There are plenty of places that can offer web hosting in Houston, but a company needs to choose a service carefully, or their site could go belly up in the blink of an eye. And even a stable service may not offer the speed and uptime a business really should demand. This is the kind of decision that has long-term implications for how the company’s site will perform, so it should be with a service that is willing to be a true partner, and not just a faceless provider. The difference may not be immediately obvious to a business owner, but as soon as there is a problem or a concern that needs to be addressed, a local service will prove its worth.

Why is it important to pick the right web hosting service in Houston?

There are plenty of free and low cost services that are open to just about anyone running a site. And at first, it may not be clear what the problem is with these services. However, a cut-rate service is like leaky plumbing. It may not be obvious that something is amiss until catastrophe strikes or the water pressure takes a dip.

Poor hosting leads to slower speeds and increased downtime, both of which can hurt a site’s SEO potential. To what degree isn’t clear, but Google has confirmed that site speed is among the many metrics it uses to determine site rankings, so any deficiency here will reduce a site’s relevancy to search engines. And, of course, users are intolerant of pages that take too long to load, so dips in speed will result in reduced traffic and site penetration. Would a potential client want to work with an oil & gas or technology company that can’t even keep their site up? Probably not, and in the Bayou City, there are plenty of businesses to choose from.

Unacceptable downtime rates is even more damaging, as Google must be able to access a site to index and rank it. If a site is down when Google attempts to access it, the search engine giant will consider the site unreliable and plant a big red flag on it. Google stays in business by offering search results that are consistent, informative and, most of all, safe. If a service offers anything less than 99.9 percent uptime, that’s not good enough, and it will be reflected in a site’s ranking.

Beyond the quantitative factors, though, is the fact that local web hosting in Houston will mean better service. It’s always better to work with people from the area, and services based out of Houston know how demanding their clients are. In a city this big, a company can’t afford to blink off the map, so reputable web hosting in Houston will be ready to respond to any issues as soon as they arise. In most cases, local is always better. Local services will understand a company’s needs better and are always just a short drive or phone call away.

On-point web hosting services in Houston are a must for any company, no matter the industry they work in. Whether oil & gas, technology, medical or hospitality, companies in the Bayou City need a provider they can trust to deliver.


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