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Dedicated cloud server hosting offers many of the same benefits that traditional services provide, but can also offer additional flexibility for some businesses. Standard services make use of a single physical instance of the site, and for many businesses that is perfectly sufficient. Many companies, though, are moving their sites to the cloud, and some experts see it as the future of computing. What business owners will obviously want to know, though, is whether it is reliable, secure, and fast enough for their site. Fortunately, the answer is a complete “yes.”

What is the difference between standard services and dedicated cloud server hosting? 

Traditional services store a site on a physical piece of hardware, and it’s usually a single instance. This means a business knows where their site is run from, and can set up the hardware as they see fit, as long their address provider has given them the ability to do so. However, this does mean that if the hardware suffers a failure, the site goes dark. Reputable providers will do everything possible to minimize the likelihood of this happening, usually by maintaining their hardware well and keeping a staff of talented technical professionals on call.

Dedicated cloud server hosting seeks to avoid the risk altogether by partitioning the site’s files over multiple virtual servers, each of which draws resources from physical hardware. This means that even if a single data center suffers hardware failures, the address provider can redirect resources and keep the site up. If top-notch reliability is required, then this type of provider is an excellent choice. Every instance of the site is also protected by the data center’s own security, which can be a good reason for going with a certain provider, as long as they have secured their hardware.

But perhaps the most attractive reason for choosing dedicated cloud server hosting is that it offers close to limitless scalability and resources for a site. Many providers will even allow businesses to “burst” their site if needed, which means directing resources to the site when it experiences increased activity. This will ensure the site maintains excellent speeds even when it is hit with a lot of unexpected traffic. And excellent speeds and reliability mean improved SEO results, as Google prefers sites that can be counted on.


In general, address providers will either offer infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS). With IaaS, the company is given the virtual hardware resource onto which they may install any software they would prefer. PaaS providers give the company the software environment, so they can skip ahead to uploading their site’s data. IaaS is ideal for companies that want a lot of control over their data, while PaaS is a better fit for companies that want something that’s simple to interact with.


As time goes on, more and more businesses will likely move to dedicated cloud server hosting given the excellent benefits it provides. But if a company wants to take advantage of it right away, a reputable web host can guide a business owner through the process.

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