I don’t have access to the Admin owner, now what?


  1. First find out if your name or your company’s name is on the domain record. Feel free to use our Domain Administrator Check.
  2. If it is the Registrant or the Admin contact, you will need to now submit either a government issued photo id or government issued paperwork for your company showing that you are eligible to act on its behalf.
  3. If the domain owner is deceased, you will need to provide a death certificate as well as documentation showing that you are entitled to the domain. If the domain is owned as a corporation, you will need to show you are entitled to the domain.
  4. If you are divorced and your name appears differently but you are the same person, you will need to show proof of marriage or divorce.
  5. If you are a non-profit, you will need to provide documentation that you are legally able to operate on behalf of the not for profit entity.
  6. If your an unincorporated entity and have no clear path to ownership, i.e., a homeowners association, a Church, A boy scout troop, or any other such entity, all attempts to honor your request will be made, however we cannot guarantee this will be honored.

Please remember that all domain disputes will be addressed only during normal business hours U.S. Central Standard Time.

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