How To Update Domain Contact Info, Get EPP Code, Unlock Domain?

Updating Domain information is somewhat a difficult task, especially when the contact on file can’t be reached. We have outlined some of the situations we see and hope this help to serve as a guideline.

  1. I know my domain login information, where do i go?
    • You can change your domain contact information by going to this link
    • If you contact info is correct you can have the password emailed to you.
  2. I need my auth code or to unlock my domain
    • Auth Code/EPP codes are under domain extras in the the domain panel located here: Domain login
    • To unlock domains log in to the domain panel and look for the word locking
  3. I don’t know how to reach my admin contact or that contact information is no longer valid?
    1. You may update your admin contact email information and/or name by logging into your domain area and updating the contact info
    2. If you don’t know how to reach this person and DONT have the password please follow these steps:
      1. Find out who IS the admin contact by going to http://www.whois.sc
      2. If that is someone you have access to we will need a copy of their government issued photo id emailed to info@actwd.com with a request of what you would like changed for example (Dear ACTWD Please update my email address from x to w thanks Admin name)
  4.  If you don’t have access to this person you will need to prove you are legally eligible to own the domain. You can do this in the following manner.
    1. First find out if your name or your companies name is on the domain record. (http://www.whois.sc)
    2. If it is the Registrant or the Admin contact you will need to now submit either a government issued photo id or government issued paperwork for your company showing that you are eligible to act on its behalf.
    3. If the domain owner is deceased, you will need to provide a death certificate as well as documentation showing that you are entitled to the domain. If the domain is owned as a corporation, you will need to show you are entitled to the domain
    4. If you are divorced and your name appears differently but you are the same person, you will need to show proof of marriage or divorce.
    5. If you are a non-profit, you will need to provide documentation that you are legally able to operate on behalf of the not for profit entity
    6. If your an unincorporated entity and have no clear path to ownership, IE a Homeowners association, a Church, A boy scout troop or any other such entity, all attempts to honor your request will be made, however we cannot guarantee this will be honored.
  5. What is domain verification and why am I being asked to verify or Why is my domain suspended  even though it is not expired?

ICANN, the international governing body of domains has started to enforce the requirement that all domains have real and valid contact info on them. When they sent your renewal notice or if you update your contact information and the email bounces, you will have 15 days to update your information or they will suspend your domain at the registry level, well beyond ACTWD and Tucows ability to reinstate without verifying our information.

You will need to verify your domain name and that often requires you to update the admin email contract information. The steps to do this are listed above for your convenience. We understand this can be frustrating for you, however we want to remind you that you are required to keep the information up to date as part of your domain ownership. The program was designed after 9-11-2001 to keep citizens safer, however stringent enforcement only began in early 2015.  If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

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