Why E-commerce Conversion Is Imperative

In the world of ecommerce, conversion rates and marketing are extremely important. Getting people to a site means little if they aren’t willing to purchase something, which after all, is why the site exists in the first place. But even if a site seems to be designed well, there is usually room for improvement, and even the slightest changes can produce major effects. Potential customers have plenty of options when they buy something online, so they will almost always gravitate to the sites that offer the best service and convenience. If a business wants to be competitive online, it will need to do everything possible to make those the focus of the site.

What are some ways that marketers can improve an ecommerce site?

Conversion marketing is a burgeoning concept that many companies are adopting for their sites, as it represents an advanced mode of thinking about business sites. Some company owners want to get their site built as quickly as possible, while adhering generally to good design principles. While this is a necessary start, deeper analysis of how the site functions for users can reveal some interesting tendencies.

An online marketing firm can help a business analyze their site in this way, generating usable data that can be applied to problem areas. For example, by logging user actions when they arrive to the site, a business can determine what parts of the site are frustrating users and causing them to lose interest. So, perhaps users are leaving the site right before getting to the page where they finalize their purchase. This might suggest that users have to click through too many pages before they can make the purchase, and an appropriate response would be to reduce the number of clicks it takes to get there.

Perhaps users are leaving as soon as they see a product listing page. This might be because it is not arranged in an intuitive way, or because there aren’t any customer reviews to improve their purchasing confidence. Arranging products by their popularity and adding customer reviews are two methods that online marketers like to take advantage of. Maybe users are abandoning their carts after selecting a number of products. It might not seem like a big deal, but users feel inconvenienced every time they have to punch in their financial information. They will also leave a site if they don’t feel like it’s secure. Online marketing firms will seek to simplify the confirm purchase page significantly, while ensuring it looks professional. This alone can improve the performance of an ecommerce site and increase conversion rates.

Online marketers have a lot of tools they can use to turn traffic into customers. Marketers can set up chat functions that potential customers can use to communicate with a business representative. Marketers can better focus content as well, improving the quality of copy and images on the site. Finally, marketers can set up site functions that “remember” customers so that when they visit in the future, the site can recommend certain products or expedite their order.

As a company looks to grow, it must also grow its site’s functionality. Online marketing firms can assist with this, and provide the kind of insight that leads to informed decisions.

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