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ACTWD has been described in the media as doing SEO before there was a term SEO.

From our very first client, who called to see why he was not ranked on Yahoo and Alta Vista to the present, ACTWD is leader in Search Engine Optimization. We have a comprehensive approach to Search Engine Optimization that takes Google’s best practices and utilizes them in a manner that allows sites to rank naturally.

What is an SEO Service?

There are three fundamental principles to SEO in the modern era. We contend that you need all three parts to have a meaningful effect on your business. It is similar to the analogy of the 3 legged stool; if you take a leg away, it falls.

1. Content  is the core building block to any real SEO strategy. Often you hear about things like Title Tags, Meta Keywords and Descriptions being thrown out about what an SEO service should offer. While Title Tags are still important, the meta keyword tag has not been honored by Google since 2008, and the description tag is put to Google’s desecration to display. At ACTWD we have a staff of writers that were former marketers and journalist that work to create the quality content we display on our websites. We understand the definition of compelling content and how providing informative, unique content works, and that where a site falls in the rankings will move up naturally.

2. Links are an important facet to ranking well, and how better to do that than though compelling content? The stronger the content and the material, the more likely people will be to make a link to the page. We help our clients develop content that will help build links the way Google intended.

3. A social media strategy is an important part of SEO because it is a great way to send signals that your site or your business has something of value to say. There is of course right ways and wrong ways to run social campaigns, and you must decide if the reason is for SEO, or for the real reasons for social, which is to build a community.

With all three of these components, if you build your site, your content, and your social cohesively, rapidly the site starts to take on the qualities needed to rank on a search engine. You will also better service your customers because you are providing them with information about your business and doing it in a manner that someone can find you. We work with our customers to help them achieve their goals.

We also believe in maintaining healthy domains, as well as servers. Websites that have healthy domains that were not previously used inappropriately will naturally rank better. The hosting also is a key factor in how a site ranks, where as the sites must be fast and servers must be optimized to render the sites properly. Slowness exploits all factor in to the end user experience. ACTWD has taken that issue off the table for our clients.

Please see our SEO packages page to see what might best fit your needs and your budget.




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