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Managed WordPress hosting is something that many businesses will eventually migrate to, and for good reason. As one of the most open ended and powerful e-commerce platforms available, WordPress (WP) has spawned an incredible number of plugins and applications. This, along with the unique challenges the platform raises, has created the need for services that secure and oversee sites that are built using the tool. After all, when something goes wrong with the family car, a dealership familiar with the make and model will usually provide the best service. In the same vein, it is best to use a service familiar with the ins and outs of WP when managing a site created using its platform.

What are the benefits of managed WordPress hosting?

Even the best site management service is going to run into trouble when working with a platform they are unfamiliar with. A business that trusts such a service may not experience any issues with stability or uptime for months, and then suddenly it all falls apart. If a WP site suddenly goes dark for an extended time, the consequences can be tremendous. Not only does it eliminate the ability to sell and market products, it can have dire effects on the site’s search rankings, erasing months of hard work to that end.

No company wants that kind of threat hanging over their digital heads, so many are moving to a service experienced in WP sites. Such a service can offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved support: The fact is, a WordPress web hosting service is a critical component of the business, and how reliable the service is will determine, to some extent, the site’s productivity and reputation. A managed service will have people on staff who can diagnose and ameliorate any problems with the site quickly, minimizing downtime and ensuring the company can get the most from the plugins and applications it ties to its WP site.
  • Improved security: WP sites with WooCommerce are extremely customizable and can cater to just about any industry that sells online. However, one of the noted issues with WP sites is that they must be secured independently, or the business will be vulnerable to attack. A managed WordPress hosting service knows how to lock a WP site down and defend it from would-be hackers and other malicious types.
  • The addition of value added services: As WooCommerce becomes more ubiquitous, managed hosting services are being incorporated into larger service portfolios. For example, companies that offer WP hosting often offer web design, development, marketing, and SEO services as well, allowing a company to manage its site through fewer gatekeepers. Also, working with a single partner to manage all of the site’s components will streamline everything and speed up implementation of marketing, new plugins, and any necessary coding.

As a business grows, its needs will as well. That includes its website, which will need to be managed by a knowledgeable firm to get the best results.

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