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What Does This Report Mean For My Business?

Why Worry About Directories?

Google uses these directories to validate your business. Better Organic SEO, Better Local SEO. If your information is inaccurate, its held against you and you may not rank on Google, Google Maps or Waze.Making sure your clients have your correct information to contact you.This is the secret your competitors already know.

Why  Worry About Reviews?

Controlling the narrative is essential.Don’t let a few unhappy voices ruin your businesses good repuatationGoogle Uses reviews as a ranking variable and takes reviews very seriously. Make sure you clients let Google know how great your business is.

  • 75% people allow reviews to influence their decisions
  • 58% say star rating most important
  • 84% Trust Online Reviews
How Do I Fix This?
Choose Citation Lock

Citation Lock is an effective way to manage all the site listing in one place. It makes sure your business appears across the internet how you think it should be not how strangers think it should be. It also helps manage the headache of keeping track of over 70 different websites their login and automatically adds your business to any new services as they come on line.

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