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How to make your business more visible is a challenge every business faces. The competition for the top spaces on Google is fierce. And there are hundreds of directories many with misinformation that don’t allow corrections or public submissions. These inaccuracies can stop your site from ranking in the most visible places of Googles results pages. It is thought that those in the map section may garner 80% of all the clicks that happen on a page.

Often we are asked how our clients can get listed on Google My Business or how they can get placed on a map in their area so they can have the visibility. This can be a very time-consuming task with multiple twists and turns but Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) consistency still comprises 50% of the algorithm, with Reviews coming in second and then website factors following third.

Get On the Map with Citation Lock Pro Plan:

Google My Business

Directly manage your Google My Business account though our Citation Lock Portal. By updating Google through Citation Lock,  you can directly interface with Google API. This allows you more options than what you can do manually. This includes adding keywords, categories and pictures.  Best of all our system prevents suggestions and Google updating the information you selected.

Listing Management

Whether is wrong or inaccurate or your tired of making manual updates to these lists because they are negatively impacting you, Citation Lock allows you to manage over 100 different websites from inside one portal, regardless if you remember the login or not. Best of all the information is locked and bad data suppressed so it cannot be overwritten by an inaccurate data aggregator.

Social Content Management

Content is a part of local seo. Blogs, Social posts and other social activities helps your site appear on the map. Inside the Citation Lock portal, we offer a social media and blog support. For WordPress users,  a shortcake plugin helps push that blog to help you reach better visibility for your business.

Protect Your Online Repuation with Citation Pro +

Review Generation

Helps conveniently gather reviews for your business through various channels.

Review Publishing

Add reviews and let the stars you earned shine.

Review Balancing

Even distribution across multiple channels include Google and Facebook.

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