Digital Marketing’s Evolution

In this fast-paced world, long gone are the days where people are being exposed to marketing messages through their mailbox, TV or radio. The ways in which companies are generating leads, making sales and engaging their customers is through digital marketing.

People used to refer to this marketing segment as web marketing, but it has evolved greatly in recent years to encompass more than just optimizing a website or using online advertising to drive click-throughs to a landing page. More consumers transact on their tablets and smartphones and there are applications that are specific to those platforms that can drive interest, leads and sales.

The platforms may be different, but the basic approach to a successful marketing strategy hasn’t changed. It is important to create a strong brand and consistently execute all tactics to support it in both business-to-business and consumer segments. We build websites that are on-brand and powerful under the hood, so the search engines clearly recognize them and rank them. Knowing the nuances between messaging in social media, online advertising, PR and SEO can make the difference in any company’s marketing efforts, and we know how to make a meaningful impact on each platform.

Our goal is to optimize each platform for their strengths. For instance, we have a unique approach to how we integrate social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +, among others, so that they have a logical purpose. We generate content that will strengthen a website and drive rankings in organic search, which has a longer lasting stick rate than paid search. We integrate targeted press coverage to gain broad awareness and link readers to a website. We know when smartphones should be used and how to effectively utilize email to communicate with prospects and customers.

Our multimedia approach of creating strong brands, content, and video has helped our customers optimize their marketing budget to tailor their communications to user’s interests, preferences and desires to attract them and generate sales.

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