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The average consumer is growing wise to traditional methods of selling product, and what once worked is quickly becoming obsolete. Online, people ignore banner ads and pop-ups and know how to find the stuff that matters to them most, and that’s where content marketing comes in. This method of brand creation and building aims to produce the kind of material that people appreciate seeing. Instead of bombarding potential customers with messages to buy, buy, buy, which is increasingly regarded as spam, this technique offers information, photos, graphics, and other elements that people are likely to consider valuable.

When it comes to content marketing, one of the most important elements is, unsurprisingly, content production. For example, ACTWD produces articles every month for its clients. These articles contain relevant, informative material that consumers look for and respect. They are designed to match search queries that potential customers are likely to input into Google and other search engines, and they help a company’s site capture traffic for longer, and help the company appear more reputable. Together, these factors add up to a sizeable return on investment.

What are the benefits of strong content marketing?

There’s a reason why some of the most successful companies online have steered away from traditional methods of outreach. And once a business makes the shift, they almost never go back. That’s because this method offers some strong perks, including:

  • Additional inbound traffic – By producing the kind of material that people actually want to see, a company can attract potential customers drawn in by novel substance. For example, a company that sells cars can produce a series of articles and videos explaining how to improve driver safety. This is pertinent to many, and subtly sells the company brand without being a waste of the visitor’s time.
  • Better engagement with customers – Material like articles and videos gives potential customers an opportunity to interact with the company, and discuss the subject with other potential customers. For instance, a luxury clothing business may want to sell its luxury image by offering drink recipes or cigar selection guides. It’s the kind of substance that their customer base is likely to find interesting, and keeps the business’s branding apparent while providing a service to people.
  • Enhancing the company’s reputation – More than half of surveyed people say that effective content marketing increases the chances they will buy from the business. That’s because people appreciate the effort put in to generating interesting articles, photos, and the like, and makes it feel like the company is trying to earn their business instead of demanding it.

But while this is a valuable tool, it takes manpower and skill to do it effectively. New articles, photos, and other materials have to be created on a regular basis and be thoroughly vetted before use. It’s the kind of approach that may be too much for a business to handle on its own, which is why many look to an experienced company for help.

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