Terry Bryant Law Firm Case Study

Vertical Web was initially engaged by Mr. Bryant’s in Sept of 2012. The firm was trying to decide whether to build an in-house department or select an outside firm. That’s a popular question that we often receive. Our position is that in order to have a website perform well there are approximately 5 separate tool sets that are needed to get a website to rank. They cover the writers, the algorithm people, the web design people, and the marketing people and the IT people. You need all those people to build a department and to find one person that effectively know how to do all of that is extremely rare. The cost of hiring an agency that has all of those elements is an exponential cost savings. The trick is to find an agency that actually has all of these elements in house and does not sub contract to others

To date we were able to do the following:

  • The site is ranked on 5000+ keywords and these are local as well as national.
  • The site has a PPC equivalent of $196,000 per mo. That means if we had to purchase the traffic we are getting that would be the monthly rate of purchase.
  • We’ve built a Spanish version of the site and have seamlessly integrated that into the website.
  • We’ve helped develop a brand though web, print and other media channels.

Website: https://www.terrybryant.com

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