Spam Issues or Missing Emails

At times we will receive a question on emails that were not received. More often than not the sender’s email was misconfigured and it caused the email to be flagged as spam on our side of the network.  This may cause a few different things. One, the spam is going into the spam folder on the server. If you do not have the folder in outlook you may choose login to your webmail interface to check or your phone also will display the spam folder, if your email is set up on your phone.

If the message is NOT in your spam folder it may be that the messaged bounced back to the sender and that bounce often has useful information as to why the message was undeliverable.

To determine if this is the case please ask the sender to send you any type of bounce back message they receive. At times, people have asked how to receive the error and we recommend taking a picture of your computer screen and having the person text you the message if they still cannot send it.

You may read the message and it says it cannot find the user. That may be a typo in the email box name. It may be that the IP address they are sending from has been flagged as having previously been exploited to send spam.

We also have clients that want to opt-in or opt-out of Spam Filtering. That can be done via your control panel. Look for the magic spam icon and toggle the switch to the off position.

If this did not address your question please feel free to turn in a trouble ticket 



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