What Shopping Cart Software Do You Recommend?

Honestly we are a WordPress fan so our first answer is always WooCommerce the WordPress plugin that allows a full shopping cart to be added to any website quickly and easily. It is flexible. There are many templates available that make the setup and design of a website fairly easy to do. And there are places like Theme Forest that sell WooCommerce themes. Honestly with some help from plugins there is very little WooCommerce can’t do.

Additionally, most payment gateways are available. The security is exceptional and it supports the tokenization of the credit card so you do have to worry about being hacked. And it does some neat things like plugs into Quick Books or allows you to print your shipping labels out of it.

But I guess the thing we like most of all is that it allows you to be free to run your e-commerce website how you want. It allows you better freedom to optimize your site for SEO so that its more able to be found in a google search and you do not have to give a part of the profit of your site back to woocommerce like some of the online store shops require. We have never been a fan of SquareSpace and Shopify. We often have to pick up the pieces. for clients. But most of all WooCommerce allows you to move your site to any hosting provider you choose and your business is not locked into or dependent on your hosting company or online cloud provider.

So we will stand by our recommendation of our WooCommerce and WordPress as the unbeatable team.




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