What Is Plesk? And why not Cpanel?

Plesk is a control panel software that the user can interact with to set up mailboxes and manage their hosting accounts within the hosting framework. It makes once tedious tasks easy to manage for even the mot novice of user.

We didn’t choose Plesk in the traditional sense, Plesk choose us. In 2000 hosting automation software had really not been invented and it was not as robust and Plesk or its present day competitor Cpanel. Plesk was a Herndon Virginia based company that worked with programmers in Novosibirsk, Russia to develop automation software.

History of Plesk

When Plesk 1.0  was completed in the Spring of 2001,  they approached  Interliant, a now defunct hosting company, who was sold off to what became the present day hosting provider, Blue Host.  Charles Wickham, now ACTWD’s CTOs, worked at the time on the Interliant test team and ACTWD was selected to have one of the first running installations of Plesk that was put in a live hosting environment with live hosting customers. This helped iron out and what we like to call endurance test Plesk. In some small way we helped the early versions of Plesk develop into the hosting automation behemoth they have become.   We are extremely proud of our relationship and history with Plesk  and nearly 18 years later, we have continued our relationship with, now Odin.

We have looked at Cpanel and although it is a good platform, we believe we can offer our customers better service and stability with Plesk, something what we have been involved with since day one, as well as it offering a better pricing structure which helps us keep hosting costs to our customers lower.


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