I am not receiving email

There are few causes for this. Before you call the office please reboot your computer and check your spam folders.

Many times, those two things will solve the problem.

If your problem is still not solved, please go to www.myipaddress.com and copy your ip address. Please have this ready when you start a chat or email us to review the issue. You can send the ip address to techsupport@actwd.com along with your domain name and the email address your having the issue with. This will allow us to check the ip to see if it’s being blocked. *Please note: If you are having an email issue on your cell phone, try disconnecting from the wifi and then see if you can send emails. If you can, that means your wifi ip address is blocked.

Occasionally we are the cause of a delay in delivery, so please feel free to shoot us an email or call the office if you have done both of the above items and are still having an issue.

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