My Phones and Computers Cannot Receive/Send email but Webmail is working

This is usually is indicative of one of your devices has tried to access our servers with the wrong username and password which will then cause the IP of where you are to be blocked. This will block access for all users.

First, determine what device has the wrong password. Either correct it or reset it in your control panel and then update the device with the proper password. NOTE: The device will still not connect.

Next, go to and get the IP address of your network

Send that IP address to along with your domain and we will unblock the offending IP address.

The reason we block IPs that attempt to access our servers multiple times with the wrong credentials is that a common hacking attempt its to send multiple requests to the server with different passwords until they ‘guess’ the right one. This mechanism that stops brute force hacking does keep you as well as your neighbors safe.


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