What is a 404 Error? Why am I getting it? How do I fix it?

A 404 error is something happens when the server cannot find the page you’re looking for. Very often they are caused by a few things, mostly a typo or a page being deleted and no forwarding address (301 redirect) provided.

To Troubleshoot a 404 error and it is your website, you need to check the following:

  1. Have you created your hyperlink correctly. Look at at the URL and make sure it is spelled exactly as the file your linking to including the case. Often the we encounter a 404 error the page has not been uploaded to the server or the file is linked wrong  page.html is not the same as PAGE.html or Page.htm or Page.html. All four of these pages are uniquely different.
  2. Make sure you have actually uploaded the file. We often see that the file does not exist on the server. You can check that in the file manager in your control panel.
  3. Make sure the path matches. When you make a link you need to make sure that the full url is right. Take this page notice its /knowledgebase/what-is.. If you just linked your page to /what-is-a-404-error that would not work because you don’t have the right directories set up.

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