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8 SEO Tips That Can Contribute to Better Google Rankings

Some business owners mistakenly think that putting a website together will automatically cause a business to boom.  It’s true that a website can put you …


How to Keep a Strong Digital Footprint

Establishing a digital foundation for your company’s website is mandatory for success in 2020, but throw in a pandemic that puts sales in jeopardy?  The …


Local SEO May Help Business During Pandemic

Crafting a strong online presence that has your company appearing in local business searches is no longer optional if you want your business to survive …

Google Core Updates & How To Recover!

September 2019 Google Core Update Has Rolled Out!

Google makes a lot of changes to their search algorithm in a years time. Last year there were 3200 0f them. These are usually minor …

Web Hosting, Domains, Web Security

Windows Update Update (no typos here)

As you may or may not have heard, there is a serious issue with Windows 10 and ACTWD would like to remind all of our …

Web Development

What Makes For A Search Engine Friendly Website?

The terms seo friendly or search engine friendly website seems to come up a lot these days but what does that actually mean to you …

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