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Episode 115: Recreating Sales Leads – Email Marketing Can Help with SEO and Sales

In today’s Internet Marketing Clinic we talked about how to do Email marketing with the Vertical Web way of doing this. Since the pandemic Vertical …


Internet Marketing Clinic Episode 114: Internet SEO Toolbox

We do a lot of talking about how to do SEO but we often don’t talk about the tools we use and why we use …


Internet Marketing Clinic Episode 113: SEO Beginners Guide

Sometimes it is good to go back to basics. In today’s episode, I take a look at what are the basic principles of SEO and …


Vertical Web Class Schedule August 2020

COMPLIMENTARY SEO CLASSES!   Presented by And Our Partner Sponsors Class Information and Archives: Internet Marketing Clinic Houston Full Class List  and Video Archive August 2020 …

why is technical SEO needed

What Is Technical SEO and Why You Should Care

If on your own you’ve researched and implemented some basic SEO on your website but have found the results to be more lackluster than you …


Seven Tips to Add E-commerce To Your Website to Add Revenue

It is barely noon and with the more than half a dozen calls and emails I’ve already received this morning asking for advice on keeping …

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