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Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

As many know I have always been a big proponent of creating a comprehensive marketing strategy where the digital part, is just that apart.  So …


Digital Marketing Goals for 2022

As we all know goals are important. At the start of the year, they seem to be front and center. Digital Marketing for your business …


5 New Year Resolutions for Digital Marketing Success in 2022

New Year’s Day always brings with it resolutions. As business owners, we often have a set of business resolutions for an upcoming year. But do …


How Technical SEO Impacts How Your Site Rankings

This is the time of year that I hear the phrase SEO is dead. This morning I went to a networking event to kick off …


How to Optimize Content for SEO

I often hear what I do is voodoo or some kind of magic. Simply that is not true. Optimizing for SEO has everything to do …


Blogging vs Podcasting Episode 124

There is a lot of confusion about how to handle blogs in 2021. From should I be running a blog down to how should I …

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